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Diversity policy

Our organization recognizes the intrinsic value of diversity and is committed to fostering an inclusive environment even at our nascent stage. We believe that diverse perspectives enhance the depth and quality of our coverage, reflecting the complex nature of climate change's impact on various communities.

  1. Representation: We actively seek and amplify voices from underrepresented communities, ensuring that our reports reflect the diversity of experiences related to climate change, encompassing different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.
  2. Inclusive Hiring: We strive for a diverse workforce, promoting equal opportunities. We’re taking small steps in this direction even with our limited resources.
  3. Content Sensitivity: We approach climate-related topics with cultural sensitivity, recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by different communities. Our reports aim to bridge the information gap and resonate with a broad audience.
  4. Community Engagement: We engage with diverse communities through local dailies, and translations, seeking feedback and collaborations to ensure that our media initiatives are relevant, respectful, and impactful.

By embracing diversity in our organization, we aspire to contribute meaningfully to the conversation on climate change, from this necessary perspective, recognizing that a multiplicity of voices is essential for developing comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges we collectively face.

Diversity staffing report


  1. Pallav Jain- Co-Founder, Managing Editor (Belongs to a Religious Minority in India)
  2. Komal Badodekar- Co-founder, director (Belongs to a Dalit community)
  3. Wahid Bhat- Editor English Content, Special Correspondent Environment (Belongs to an ethnic minority community)
  4. Shishir Agarwal- Editor Hindi Content, Special Correspondent Environment Hindi
  5. Rajeev Tyagi- Production head and editorial head English
  6. B. Mohita- Special Correspondent Environment