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Disha Ravi says she had been pronounced guilty by media

Environmental activist Disha Ravi, accused in the tool kit case, released his statement for the first time on Saturday after last month.

By Ground report
New Update
Disha Ravi gets bail nine days after her arrest in ‘toolkit’ case

Environmental activist Disha Ravi, accused in the tool kit case, released his statement for the first time on Saturday after being released on bail last month.

In a four-page statement posted on her Twitter handle, Disha criticized the media and thanked those accompanying her.

He said "Everything that is true seems far from the truth: Delhi's smog, Patiala court and Tihar jail."

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She wrote that if someone had asked her that in the next five years she would see herself said, then her answer would certainly not have been "jail".

She wrote, "I kept asking myself what it felt like to be there at that time, but I had no answer. I felt that there was only one way I could cope with this, to understand myself That this is not happening to me - the police did not come to my door on 13 February 2021, they did not take my phone, did not arrest me, they did not take me to Patiala House Court, the media people were there They were not looking for a place in that room."

She said that she did not know what to say in the court and until she could understand something, she was sent to the police custody for 5 days.

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"It is not surprising that after that my rights have been violated, my pictures have spread all over the media, I have been declared as a perpetrator - not by the court, on the TV screen wanting TRPs. I have been sitting there, Unaware that according to his opinion, imaginary things were fabricated about me."

Comparing humanity with the environment, he wrote, "If we do not take timely steps against this ever-ending greed and consumption, we are going to be near destruction."

He thanked the people standing with him during this time, writing, "I was lucky that I got pro-bono (public interest) legal help, but what about those who don't get it? What about those whose stories cannot be marketed?" What about those backward people who don't deserve screen time? "

"Thoughts do not die, and the truth, no matter how long it takes, always comes out."

Disha Ravi was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police from Bengaluru on 13 February. He was granted bail by a Delhi court on 23 February.

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While presenting Disha Ravi in ​​a Delhi court, the police said that "Disha Ravi tool kit is the editor of Google document and he has a major role in creating and disseminating this document."

Ravi was charged with sedition under the Indian Penal Code, hate hatred among communities in the society and criminal conspiracy.

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