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How to use Digi Yatra App for seamless security checks at Airport?

On August 15, the contactless passenger processing system named Digi Yatra was launched from Delhi and Bangalore airports

By Pallav Jain
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Biometric Face recognition at Delhi and Bengaluru Airport

In India, now at Delhi and Bangalore airports, passengers will be identified with the face recognition system. On August 15, the contactless passenger processing system named Digi Yatra was launched from Delhi and Bangalore airports, which will gradually be implemented at other airports in India.

The step of identification of passengers with face recognition system has been taken to decongest the airport, reduce the checking time, contactless and paperless passenger processing. This will not only save the time of the passengers, but they will also get relief from the long queues for checking. However, the same system will remain for security check as before. This facility will provide relief to passengers only at the time of airport entry and flight boarding.

How will the Digi Yatra face recognition system work at the airport?

With the help of this system, passengers of domestic flight will get the facility to pass through face recognition at two entry points of the airport. Where biometric face recognition machines will be installed.

Passengers will be able to travel paperless at airport checkpoints.

This facility has now started for the passengers of Tata Group's Vistara and Air Asia India flights. This flight has started boarding system along with e-gates for its passengers at Bangalore and Delhi airports.

In Phased manner all Airlines will start this arrangement.

How Digi Yatra System Will Work?

  • Passengers will have to install the DigiYatra app to take advantage of the fast transition facility, which is currently available only for Android users.
  • On this app, passengers will have to enter their Aadhaar number. The fingerprint and iris scan are available in your Aadhaar, which this system uses for face recognition.
  • This uses a computer algorithm to compare a picture taken in person at airport immigration or another border checkpoint to the traveler’s passport picture or visa.
  • Vaccine certificate will also have to be uploaded on it.
  • When the passenger enters the airport, he/she will have to scan his/her boarding pass at the e-gate.
  • The camera present there will scan your face. And the gate will open. In this, less than 10 seconds will be spent on a passenger.
  • This process will be repeated at the rest of the checkpoints.
  • Your biometric data saved in this app will be deleted after 24 hours.

By the end of March, this technology will also be installed at Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad airports.

Important Things

  • Passenger can create Digi Yatra ID in a central system by providing following:
    1. Name, 2. Email ID, 3. Mobile Number, 4. Details of Identity (Voter Id, Driving License, Aadhar etc)
  • On submission Digi Yatra Id will be created. Pax can quote this number while booking the ticket. Pax data including Digi Yatra ID will be passed on to departure airport by the airlines.
  • On first travel, the Pax has to go to registration kiosk at the airport for validating the ID.
    1. In case of Aadhar the verification will be online. 2. In case of other id, CISF will manually verify.
  • On successful verification the photo of pax will be added to Digi Yatra profile in central system.

Why was this technology needed?

  • Pax need not show boarding pass or ID at multiple check points.
  • Minimum human intervention. Less queuing time.
  • The security is enhanced as the system will map the passenger with the PNR. Only bona fide passenger will be allowed entry at every check point.
  • Airport operator will have real time information on Passenger load and resource planning becomes better.
  • Airlines will be benefitted by knowing the passenger position in the airport.
  • Airport throughput will be enhanced.

Biometric Passenger Processing System is not a new technology, before it was started in 2016 as a pilot project for entry at Hyderabad airport terminal.

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