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Did ANI misreport AR Rahman ‘speak in Tamil, not Hindi’ remark?

Did ANI misreport AR Rahman ‘speak in Tamil, not Hindi’ remark?

Renowned Indian music composer, AR Rahman, who has created music for thousands of Tamil and Hindi films, has always expressed his love for his native language, Tamil.

Rahman asked his wife, Saira Banu, to address the audience in Tamil, even though she is not very fluent in the language. Banu expressed her admiration for her husband’s voice and stated that he fell in love with her.

When AR Rahman’s wife Saira was asked to speak at an event, the music composer jokingly encouraged her to speak in Tamil as she is not fluent in the language. However, some media outlets, such as ANI, may have sensationalized this fact in their headlines to generate more clicks.

A video of the incident has since gone viral on social media, with fans once again applauding Rahman for his unwavering love for the Tamil language. Watch the video of the touching moment here.

AR Rahman has been busy with his work as he recently composed the songs for ‘Ponniyin Selvan 2’, which have received a positive response since its release.

The film will hit theaters in just two days. Furthermore, the renowned music composer is also anticipating the release of his compositions for the upcoming Tamil films ‘Ayalaan’ and ‘Maamanan’.


A Twitter user, Here is a woman telling how much she loves her husband’s voice and he was teasing her. They took one of the beautiful moments in the recent days and made 💩 out of it

Another user said “Bro clearly Rahman sir was teasing and playfully asked wife to speak in Tamil. But could you imagine if something would have happened in let’s say Mumbai where a south star would have been asked to speak in Hindi? Everyone would have cried ‘imposition’ of Hindi 😐”

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