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Delhi govt lifts ban from BS-III petrol & BS-IV diesel vehicles

Delhi govt lifts ban from BS-III petrol & BS-IV diesel vehicles

The ban on BS-3 and BS-4 vehicles has been lifted after there are indications of a reduction in air pollution in Delhi. The step will give relief to five lakh vehicle owners registered in Delhi. The plying of such vehicles was banned on the instructions of the Central Air Quality Commission (CAQM) after the increase in air pollution reached a critical level.

According to a Delhi government official, BS-III petrol and BS-IV diesel vehicles will be able to ply the roads from Monday. After the ban, there was a continuous demand from the taxi unions to remove the ban from the government.

However, the level of air pollution in Delhi is still worrying. The level of PM 2.5 has been recorded at 373 in the Anand Vihar area of ​​Delhi on Monday morning.

According to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, maximum incidents of stubble burning are being recorded in Punjab. In the last 24 hours, incidents of stubble burning have been registered at 2175 places in Punjab. Whereas, incidents of stubble burning have been recorded at 132 places in Haryana, 102 in Uttar Pradesh, 773 in Madhya Pradesh and 63 in Rajasthan. 

Restrictions on the use of BS-III petrol and BS-IV diesel cars have remained in place until today, as decided at a review meeting on 7 November. The Arvind Kejriwal administration met again three days later and agreed to extend the ban until Sunday.

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Thousands of car owners in the nation’s capital are relieved as they were unable to drive their vehicles on the road between Nov. 5 and Nov. 13, amid the Delhi government’s attempts to control air pollution. air.

There has been no directive to extend the restriction, so according to a Delhi transport official, it will expire on Sunday evening. But, he said, authorities are monitoring things and would reassess the matter if the air quality index rises again.

Stubble has not been burnt at a single place in Delhi. Weather experts say that on one side the stubble is burning and on the other side, the wind is also coming from the northwest direction. However, due to locally prevailing favourable weather conditions, the air quality of Delhi-NCR is not deteriorating much.

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