Delhi election result: BJP defeated, not Congress’, says Punjab Congress minister

New Delhi: As again Congress’ repeat same story of 2015 humiliation in Delhi Assembly elections, congress party leader Sadhu Singh Dharamsot termed the latest trends as ‘BJP’s defeat’ in Delhi.

According to the latest EC trends, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party is leading in
62 seats while the BJP leads in 8 seats. Punjab Cabinet minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot speaking to media said that Congress had zero seats earlier and this time also the party has not won a seat.

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So it is not Congress’ defeat, but it is the defeat of BJP, he added. BJP, on the other hand, is winning 8 seats so far as per the trends, compared to the three seats that they held in 2015 Assembly polls.

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As amid vote counting for the Delhi Assembly polls, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath stated that the Congress Party was aware of their loss in the national capital. Admitting the party’s loss, the Congress leader questioned the ‘big claims’ made by the BJP.

Responding to the question of Congress’ performance in the Delhi Assembly polls, Kamal Nath said, “We were already aware of it. The question is – what happened to BJP which was making big claims?” “The country has recognized the real face of BJP. They are playing politics of diversion,” the Congress leader added.

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Lauding AAP for their ‘reasonably good work’ in the education and healthcare sector, senior congress leader Abhishek Singhvi said that Congress should immediately look for an alternative to late Sheila Dikshit, the longest-serving chief minister of Delhi. The late Congress leader, who passed away in July 2019, was the longest-serving chief minister of a state, she served for 15 years beginning in 1998.


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