Why Delhi doesn’t vote in MCD elections?

The MCD elections of Delhi concluded on 4th December. The results of these elections will come on December 7. In these elections, only 50 percent of the voters came out to vote. This is very less as compared to the previous elections and shows the low interest of the people in the local elections.

Let’s Understand Why Delhi Doesn’t vote?

Voter turnout has always been low in Delhi, especially in municipal elections. It was 45 percent in the year 2007, it remained around 54 percent in the year 2012 and 2017 and now it has come down again to 50 percent in 2022. At the same time, in the assembly elections held in the year 2020, 62.59 percent of people voted.

According to the Election Commission data, in Delhi, with a total population of 1.9 crores, there are 1,45,05,358 eligible voters, out of which 78,93,418 are males, 66,10,879 females, and 1,061 transgender persons.

Out of this, only 50 percent of people i.e. about 72 thousand people have voted in the MCD elections this year. This means only 72 thousand people will elect their local representative for about 2 crore people.

Local elections are considered the most important elections for an individual in a democracy. But people in Delhi do not even have enough time to go to vote to elect their local councilor.

Every day people complain on social media about the problem of garbage not being picked up from their houses, roads being damaged, water not coming, street lights not working, and problems of stray animals. But when it comes to electing the person who is responsible for all this daily work, they don’t come out to vote.

Now let us know in which area of ​​Delhi the least number of people came out to vote.

Delhi MCD 2022, ward-wise voting percentage list

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