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Delhi: 20 patients died due to lack of oxygen at Jaipur Golden Hospital, 200 lives still in danger

At Jaipur Golden Hospital in Rohini, Delhi, oxygen is left for only half an hour. Medical director Dr. Deep Baluja, there are 200

By Ground Report
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At Jaipur Golden Hospital in Rohini, Delhi, oxygen is left for only half an hour. Medical director Dr. Deep Baluja, there are 200 patients in the hospital, out of which 80 are on oxygen support and 35 are in ICU.

News agency PTI quoted officials as saying that last night, 20 seriously ill patients died due to lack of oxygen.

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Giving information about the danger, the medical director of the hospital has said that he is waiting for oxygen and 215 patients of Corona need it urgently.

Hindustan Times has quoted from the hospital authorities that most of the deaths were of covid-19 patients who were admitted to the hospital's critical care unit.

All 20 patients died due to low oxygen pressure as oxygen ran out near the hospital.

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"We lost all 20 patients in the Critical Care Unit who were on High Oxygen Flow," said Dr. Deep Baluja, Medical Director of the hospital.

He said, "By 10 o'clock on Friday night, we had exhausted the liquid oxygen stock, after which we resorted to oxygen cylinders connected to the main gas pipeline, but the patients died due to low pressure there."

According to Hindustan Times, the hospital should have received liquid oxygen from its portion by half past five in the evening but it did not reach till midnight.

Even after the death of 20 patients, the hospital got only 40 percent oxygen for its need.

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Dr. Baluja said, "We are once again facing a situation of crisis. 200 lives are in danger. Last night, we saved most of the patients but today we will not be able to do so. The oxygen that we kept for backup is also over."

The hospital has issued an SOS alert on its Twitter handle tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister's Office, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Ministry of Health and Delhi's Deputy Governor.

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