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Dalit lawyer killed over ‘anti-Brahmin posts’ on social media

West Mumbai was arrested on Saturday alleged murder a Dalit lawyer and activist in Gujarat's Kutch district over his social media post.

By Ground report
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A worker of stationery shop in Malad, West Mumbai was arrested on Saturday alleged murder a Dalit lawyer and activist in Gujarat's Kutch district over his social media post. Victim, Dev ji maheshwari was a senior activist of All India Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation (BAMCEF) and of the Indian Legal Professionals Association.

According to police accused name Bharat raval is resident from Rapar. Bharat and maheshwari had clashed over views of Brahmanism over past one month. "Maheshwari wrote and shared post critical of brahmanism on his Facebook page. Raval, who belongs to Brahmin family disagree with those views and threaten maheshwari several times to stop writing such post publicly "said a Crime Branch official.

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Last post shared by maheshwari was a video of BAMCEF national president Waman Meshram saying that members of scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other backward classes are not Hindus. With intention of murdering, as seen in CCTV footage Maheshwari entered his office building at 6 p.m. on Friday and a man wearing red t-shirt follow him inside and after sometime runs and flee away of building.

Raval was charged with case of murder and criminal conspiracy and under section of SC/ST act at Rapar police station. And now Raval is in custody of Gujarat police. Gujarat police registered FIR against 9 people including Raval after member of Dalit community strike on Street, demanding the arrest of maheshwari's murderer. Ravan is under arrest while the others fled away.

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V L Matang, National President of Bahujan Mukti Party wrote to PM Narendra Modi on Saturday for demanding a CBI investigation. He wrote "The (Kutch) district police registered an FIR at 1 a.m. on saturday eight hours after the murder took place and named nine people as accused. the police's behaviour seems suspicious and we suspect that district administration is attempting to shield the accused. We expect you to issue an order for a CBI probe with in 24 hour of this letter reaching your office".

"Victim's family, supported by the Dalit organisation and community members refused to accept the body with demand to arrest all the accused first" said JR Mothaliya Inspector General of Police (border range). Name of of accused in FIR are Jaysukh Lunar, Khimji Luhar, Dhaval Luhar, Devubha Sodha, Vijaysinh Sodha, Mayursinh Sodha, Pravinsihn Sodha and Arjansinh Sodha including Raval. According to victims family and local Dalit, motive of murder was over a property case that Maheshwari was fighting.

दलित युवक को पुलिस ने बेल्ट और लातों से मारा, फिर सर का मुंडन कर मूँछें कटवा दी

In FIR registered by victim's wife Minakshiben Maheshwari on Friday at around 7:30 a.m. Devji Maheshwari left his resident of Rapar and took a private vehicles to go to bhuj for legal matter in connection with property case involving a Lohar community hall and returned home by 3:30 p.m. after which he went to his office.

Minakshiben told that "No lawyer was ready to take the the case of community hall but her husband did that and he always take all the files related to case with him and tried several times to file FIR related to dispute in police station because he had files and rival party threatened to kill him" and she also said "It is my suspicion that they hired Bharat Jayanti Lal Raval to kill him".

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