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Cyclonic circulation likely to develop over southeast Bay of Bengal

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) announced today that a cyclogenesis circulation is expected to form

By Ground report
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IMD predicts heavy rains & possible cyclone in WB and Odisha

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on 2 May 2023 said that a cyclonic circulation in the south-eastern Bay of Bengal is likely to become a low pressure area within the next 48 hours.

In its afternoon bulletin, India Meteorological Department said that "A cyclogenesis circulation is likely to develop over Southeast Bay of Bengal around 06 May 2023. Under its influence, a low-pressure Area is likely to form over the same region during Subsequent 48 hours".

While it is not clear whether the low-pressure area will become a cyclone or not, IMD CEO Muthananjay Mohapatra says it will not affect the state of Odisha.

The announcement comes as India and its neighbouring countries prepare for the annual monsoon season. The IMD has advised the authorities to closely monitor the weather conditions in the coming days and take the necessary precautions.

The US weather forecast model, the Global Forecast System (GFS) and the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) also predict the formation of a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in the second week of May. If this cyclone is activated, it will be known as 'Mocha'.

According to Windi's weather forecast model, the cyclone is expected to form on May 11. An area of low pressure is likely to form over the southeastern Bay of Bengal late this week or early next week, which could develop into a cyclonic storm.

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