Covid crisis: This Olympic Gold medalist now works as a delivery man

Venezuelan swordsman Ruben Limardo, who created history by winning a gold medal at the Games’ Grand Olympics, has become a delivery boy. He is carrying a big delivery bag on a bicycle in Poland. His story is quite strange and surprising. 

The 35-year-old Limardo won the gold medal at the London Olympics and is now ready to shine in the Tokyo Olympics once again. But before this, he surprised his fans last week when he revealed his new job in a tweet. 

He said that you have to find your way and it is a job like the rest. He told that he had gone for a special day for training and food delivery for Uber Eats.

Limardo is not only doing this work alone, but 20 other members of the Venezuela National Fencing Team are also doing it. In Polish, Limardo said that we are delivery riders. 

Limardo won the Olympic title eight years ago. He became the first fencer in Latin America to do so since Ramon Fontes of Cuba in 1904. He is also the second gold medalist in Venezuela. 

“If you are in Lodz – Poland and you order UberEats, your food may be delivered by a champion who decided never to give up.”

The information was written by Rubén Limardo himself on his Twitter account. The Creole athlete narrates in a series of messages that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he cannot sit and wait for the resources that he normally earns as an athlete. For this reason, he decided to seek work as a food delivery bike in the city of Lodz, where he lives with his wife and family.

Limardo explains that the crisis in Venezuela, the pandemic “and chasing a dream is sometimes not such a good combination.” In addition, it highlights that this situation is also experienced by other athletes who have had “to find an alternative to generate income.”

Instead of being dejected by the circumstances, Limardo shows a photo where part of his face is covered with a mask, but the smile comes out of his eyes. The Creole athlete also ensures that people have a wrong perception of his life.

“For those who believe that some of us have privileges due to the results, let me tell you that it is not like that”, Limardo sentenced in one of his messages published this Monday, November 9.

“I, the last Olympic gold medal from Venezuela, also go out to work every day to go hand in hand with the dreams that I still have to fulfill. Adjusting to changes is definitely a job for the brave, ”concluded the most important swordsman in the history of Venezuela and Latin America.

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