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Home » COVID-19: Woman forced to carry husband dead body in E Rickshaw

COVID-19: Woman forced to carry husband dead body in E Rickshaw

In Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, a 65-year-old woman’s husband died due to covid-19, after which she had to bring her husband’s body by e-rickshaw.

The woman’s son alleged that his father could not get beds and treatment in the hospital and ambulances were asking for extra money to bring the body home.

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The woman was sitting behind the e-rickshaw and held her husband’s body while her hands were also tied so that the body did not fall anywhere.

The woman says that her husband had been ill for several days and after becoming more ill on Sunday, she took him to the Trauma Center in Firozabad where she died. After this, she had to bring the body in this way.

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It is alleged that after the death of the patient, the hospital staff did not arrange for the carcass, while on the basis of protocol, the ambulance or the carcass was to be arranged to take the body home. The elderly woman was then forced to take her husband’s body by e-rickshaw.

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The elderly woman could not handle the corpse of the husband on an e-rickshaw. Therefore, the body had to be tied to an e-rickshaw. On the way, whoever got an eye on the e-rickshaw, it seemed to curse the health system

There are 2.85 lakh active cases of corona infection in Uttar Pradesh. On Tuesday, 30,000 new cases were detected and 285 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

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A few days ago a heart-breaking picture came out of Agra in Uttar Pradesh where a woman was giving CPR in an autorickshaw to her Kovid positive husband. He died at the hospital door.

In Agra itself, a person had to bring his father’s body on top of the car because no ambulance was available.

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