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COVID-19: What are Chinese citizens saying in India about government?

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A report has been published on Wednesday about how the Chinese citizens who are suffering from corona in India are living. 

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The Global Times reported that Chinese citizens living in India are facing the most difficult time of the corona epidemic. On Wednesday, the death toll from Corona in India has crossed two lakhs.

Nico Yang, a Chinese citizen who was infected with covid in Delhi, told Global Times, “Hospitals are not the place. All are full Whether you are rich or poor, you will not find a place in hospitals. ”Niko Yang has recovered from covid through self-determination.

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In India, corona infection is spreading very fast these days. Hospitals are yearning for basic facilities and Kovid patients are dying without treatment. There is a situation of furore over oxygen.

Even the number of people who have died has increased so much that they have to wait for hours for the funeral. In many places, the funerals are going away. There is no place in the crematoriums, then funerals are being done in the parks. Yang says that he was fortunate in comparison to the rest of the Indians.

“My coworkers used to send food every day,” says Yang. And I believe that if we follow the advice of Chang Wenhong, we will definitely get victory over Corona.”

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Chang is an epidemiologist in China and he keeps telling the media how to fight the corona. He was also invited by the Chinese Embassy in India and he gave many advice regarding covid 19.

It is not known how many Chinese are there in India, but Global Times has learned that a large number of Chinese citizens had returned last year.

In the last two years, the Indian government has imposed various restrictions on Chinese companies and due to this, a large number of companies were shut down. 

A local Chinese in India said, “In 2019 my earnings were good but now the profit has reduced by half. But as long as there are vivo, I will stay in India only.

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