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COVID-19 crisis: Sonia Gandhi slams PM Modi for international help

After the turmoil in Punjab, the Congress crisis deepens

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has slammed the Modi government over the Corona tragedy. Sonia Gandhi In an interview to The Hindu, during the national crisis, political consensus is needed, people need to listen while this government is showing such attitude that it knows everything.

Sonia Gandhi said, “This government had already declared victory in the battle with Corona. The recommendations of the Parliamentary Committees regarding Corona were ignored. 

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“In the beginning of February, health experts from India and abroad were warning on the certainty about Corona. But the government continued to boast. The programs through which the corona infection could spread quickly were allowed to be organized. The government did not even think what the effect would be” She said.

Sonia Gandhi said that the Prime Minister continued to use the vaccine policy mercilessly for political gains. Sonia Gandhi said that in BJP-ruled Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, the Corona figures are being shown to be decreasing.

Sonia Gandhi said that international help is welcome but it is a pathetic situation that such help is also being used in cheering the Prime Minister. 

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The Congress chief said that the priority of the Modi government is wrong. On the one hand, the Central Vista project is being pushed forward, on the other hand the country is being forced to help from abroad.

Sonia Gandhi said, “This is the time that everyone should work together without worrying about accolades.” I am grateful to the international community for the kind of help they are getting. But it seems pathetic when these international help is used in cheering the Prime Minister.”

She said “Whereas the truth is that international help is an indication of the government’s incompetence, insensitivity and lack of priority. Is it time to push the Central Vista project on a war footing?”

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Sonia Gandhi said, “Dr. Manmohan Singh sent a very restrained and constructive letter to the Prime Minister. This paper was based on his study and experience.”

 Sadly, the Prime Minister did not even mention his letter, while the Health Minister personally attacked Manmohan Singh for this letter. This is the attitude of the government to deal with the epidemic. I was surprised by the health minister’s reply. I have written many letters to the Prime Minister as Congress President but did not get any meaningful reply. 

“In the last 14 months, I wrote 10 letters to the Prime Minister regarding the covid epidemic. All the letters had constructive suggestions on dealing with the epidemic.”

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