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Covid-19 crisis; rickshaw driver gives free hospital trip to 1,000 covid patients

The second wave of COVID-19 has left India facing a crisis that threatens to cause unimaginable damage. With a health care system collapsing in the face of increasing cases, the country is walking on a rope.

Lack of beds, oxygen, medication, plasma donors and ambulance services only exacerbate this situation. Yet amid the doom and gloom, nations have had the opportunity to witness actions that have restored our faith in humanity.

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These kind people stepped in to offer help, in the slightest way they could. Another example of his concern, a auto driver from Kolhapur Maharashtra has worked tirelessly to hospitalize thousands of people during the COVID-19 crisis in India.

Among the patients he was traveling with, Jitendra Shinde, 50, said that 1,000 of his passengers had COVID-19 symptoms.

During a difficult time when risk is at its highest, Shinde puts her personal health and finances on the line to ensure assistance to patients.

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According to a report in The National, he first started community service last year in March – when Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the world’s biggest lockdown, affecting 1.3 billion people.

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“If someone is tested for Covid-positive, society makes them pariah. How will such people reach the hospital or quarantine center? Shinde asked.

With India now reporting more than 4 hundred thousand cases a day, the health infrastructure is devastated by overcapacity in most countries. Shinde is constantly looking for the latest information on the number of empty beds in hospitals and quarantine centers.

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“First, I asked where people were, what problems they had, and then I took them to the nearest hospital.”

With the crisis escalating, he was steadfast in his goal of helping people. Amid the ongoing upheaval, heroes like Jitendra Shinde give hope and confidence to the entire country – together we can overcome this.

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