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Covid-19: America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Many countries have gone ahead to help India

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Many countries of the world have expressed solidarity with India, which is in the covid crisis. Many countries have also come forward to help India.

Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar had appealed for international help a day earlier, after which Singapore offered medical aid to India.

Indian Air Force aircraft airlifted oxygen tanks from Singapore. Army aircraft took this tank from Changi Airport in Singapore and landed in the airbase of West Bengal on Saturday.

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A statement by the Singapore Embassy in Delhi called it a ‘bilateral’ and ‘multilateral’ effort. The embassy said, “We are standing with India in the fight against covid-19”.

Apart from Singapore, Saudi Arabia has also come forward to help India.

The Indian Embassy in Riyadh said that 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen can be sent to India from a Saudi Arabian company soon.

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India these days is suffering from wild infection of Coron and lack of oxygen. In this era of covid crisis, the Indian government is also facing severe criticism.

In such a situation, the government is now making several efforts to import oxygen from abroad.

In this sequence, the Indian government is in touch with the embassies of different countries and is trying to ensure that there is no obstruction in the oxygen supply.

Earlier on Saturday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed solidarity with neighboring country India in the war against Corona.

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Foreign Minister S. Jayashankar and Shipping Minister Mansukh Mandaviya spoke to Indian diplomats present in Germany, America and many other countries on Friday evening.

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s. Jaishankar had tweeted, “The world should help India because India always helps everyone.”

After this appeal, senior ministers of many countries have tweeted expressing solidarity towards India.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted, “I am saddened to see the Indians trapped amid the dreaded transition of covid-19. We are working closely with our colleagues in the Government of India. We will send additional help to the people and health workers of India soon.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, while sharing a picture of India’s and Iran’s flags, wrote, “India is facing the worst phase of the terrible epidemic and at such a time Iran stands with India. It has now become the pain of humanity. We express our condolences to the bereaved families and pray for the quick recovery of the sick.”

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