Countries with best education infrastructure and quality

Ground Report | New Delhi: Countries with best education infrastructure; In this fast-paced world, everyone looks for the best out of everything, whether it be food, health, clothes, fashion or education. The standards have become extensively high along with the emerging competition. Every parent wants the best for their children in terms of education because they want their child to get settled without facing much hassle.

“The world will be governed by youth”,

Youth is the major influencer in the decision making or as the decision-maker. If we talk about the educational approach, today students look for a more practical based approach rather than the traditional one. Practical knowledge holds utmost importance as we are moving forward with our lives.

The world is becoming more competitive and to thrive, one must learn and know the right way to apply the knowledge in the world, practically. Here is the list of some countries that focus on providing quality education and have a well developed educational infrastructure.

Countries with best education infrastructure

  1. United States of America

Known as a pioneer in terms of Modern Education, the country aims at providing and boosting quality education delivered by renowned faculty. Home to World-renowned universities such as Yale University, Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Texas, and MIT University, The country offers STEM-based courses and the U.S is among one of the top destination countries among international students as well for Management, Law, Media. The country is more focused on providing extensive research-based practical courses.

  • United Kingdom
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Following the U.S.A, the United Kingdom is the world’s second-leading destination. The education system is diverse and unique in numerous fields which further offers a great learning experience. This rich culture and variety have attracted large numbers of international students globally. It is known extensively for its Arts, Literature and Design courses. Home to Imperial College of London, London School of Economics, SOAS University of London, King’s College the kingdom has been a hot spot for learning for centuries.

  • Canada

Canada has emerged as one of the top leading preferred destinations in the world due to its affordable tuition fees, living costs and diverse culture. The Canadian education system is itself evolving with the changing times and provides specialized courses in the field of engineering, commerce and arts. Queen’s University, the University of Toronto are among the superior institutions of the country. 

  • Germany

Germany has been gaining popularity for its free of cost education provided in public universities and has become a preferred destination for higher studies. The country further provides numerous scholarships to international students attracting students from all over the world. It offers intensive courses like Engineering, Design, MBBS, and International Relations.

  • Australia
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Known for its excellent quality education and wonderful career opportunities, Australia bags 5th place in the top study abroad destinations in the world. The country is home to prestigious universities like the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of Western Australia, James Cook University and many more, the country further has research centres. The Australian education system can be counted amongst one of the best systems in the world.

Along with all these countries mentioned above, Denmark, Switzerland,  Netherlands, Finland, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates are some of the countries known for their quality education all around the world. Many countries offer scholarships to international students with great benefits as well. The education system today has further become flexible and universities focus more on providing practical knowledge to the students and making them industry-ready. 

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