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Counting continues for panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh

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Counting is being done for panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh also among the counting of assembly elections in five states. Assembly elections are to be held in the state next year and in this context, this election is being considered important.

However, due to the Corona epidemic, the election was affected and questions were raised about the counting of votes and the matter reached the Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court, after hearing, allowed the counting of votes with the conditions that the Corona guidelines would be followed during this time and there would be no congestion around the counting centers.

In view of the Corona crisis period, the State Election Commission has given strict instructions to the candidates and employees posted at the polling booth to follow the protocol.

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An order issued by the State Election Commissioner has asked to arrange a medical health desk at every counting center.

Panchayat elections held in 75 districts in four phases were held for the posts of Zilla Panchayat member, Kshetra Panchayat member, Gram Pradhan and Gram Panchayat members.

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Since the voting has been done through ballot paper, there is a possibility that there is a delay in coming the results.

Meanwhile, there are also reports of neglect of social distancing in many places.

The Jatiya Inter College in Khurja, the counting place of Bulandshahar, was fiercely torn apart by social distancing. Agents appeared in the line without social distancing.

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However, later the police took care of the situation and followed the protocol.

Panchayat elections have been in the news for the past few days.

In the middle of the Corona transition in Uttar Pradesh, questions were being raised from the beginning regarding the Panchayat elections. But the case of the alleged death of hundreds of teachers engaged in election duty due to corona infection gave rise to a separate debate related to this.

The Primary Teachers Association, while handing over the list of deaths of 706 teachers engaged in election duty to the State Election Commission and the Chief Minister of UP, demanded the counting of votes to be held on May 2.

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On the other hand, the opposition parties have demanded compensation to the families of the deceased, while some people were also questioning this claim of the teachers union.

The Primary Teachers Association has alleged that the State Election Commission did not follow the Corona Guidelines anywhere from training to voting, which made the situation frightening.

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