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COP26: Efforts continue for new agreement on environment

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Ground Report | New Delhi: COP26 new agreement on environment; The United Nations World Environment Conference COP 26 is being hosted by the United Kingdom in Glasgow. A long session of consultations and negotiations continued throughout the night, after which the host country on Saturday released the third draft of a possible agreement after the deadline passed, but the negotiations have not yet proved fruitful.

COP26 new agreement on environment

The new draft seeks to balance the demands of the countries most affected by climate change and the major industrialized nations. In addition, efforts were made to reduce the concerns of oil and other oil-exporting countries. At the same time, it called on all countries to step up their efforts to eliminate coal and other sources of energy (fossil fuels) that are harmful to the environment.

The draft also seeks to reduce differences over environmental issues and the economy. The topic of economics seems to dominate the environmental conference. Under the new plan, rich countries will provide financial support to organizations working to save endangered countries due to climate change.

However, after resistance from the United States and the European Union, the draft has dropped words that mention specific financial obligations to compensate for the “disasters and losses” caused by climate change. These phrases about the financial obligations of the developed countries benefiting from the industrial age were among the basic demands of the poor countries.

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However, the new draft states that “it is sad to note that rich countries have not yet fulfilled their promise made more than a decade ago that they would set up a separate fund of 100 billion dollars annually.” Now they have postponed it to 2023.

The draft also states that the United Nations will “support a just transition.” The reference is to the transition from fossil fuels or harmful energy to sustainable energy in countries whose economies are heavily dependent on coal and other fossil fuels. The draft calls on the United Nations to provide details of its goals for next year’s environmental conference.

The draft requires the approval of more than 200 countries. These countries are working to ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement of 2015, which agreed to reduce the earth’s temperature by 1.5 degrees. The latest draft cites experts as saying that reducing the Earth’s temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius would require a 45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Environmentalists unhappy

“It’s still insufficient,” said Tracy Carty of Oxfam, a social organization, about the draft agreement. In Glasgow, the poorest countries in the world are in danger of being completely ignored. ” Jennifer Morgan, head of Greenpeace International, told the AFP news agency that the language used about fossil fuels did not appear to be serious.

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He also criticized the United States and the European Union, saying “the United States should support the countries that have suffered the most.” The United States and the European Union can no longer ignore this.” Scientists say the UN’s efforts so far to achieve environmental goals are insufficient, but that implementing the promises made in the current draft could be an important step in the right direction.

Germany’s “detachment” has also been criticized

On the other hand, experts and social activists have also criticized Germany’s role during the COP-26. In an interview, environmentalist Jan Kovalez accused German politicians of appearing to protect the interests of the powerful car industry.

He said that by not joining the coalition supporting emission-free cars, the Berlin government had made it clear that it was prioritizing the needs of the car industry over the environment.

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