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Concern for future of orphaned children in Covid period

third wave of Covid

During the covid-19 pandemic, a great crisis has arisen in front of many children. Many children have lost both their parents and parents of many children are admitted to hospitals.

The Delhi Child Rights Protection Commission (DCPCR) has taken an initiative to address the essential needs and problems of orphaned children. The DCPCR has issued a helpline number for such children and families. 

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DCPCR President Anurag Kundu said that such children should be closely monitored and 24-hour help should be ensured through the helpline.

According to Anurag Kundu, “Children are the weakest at such a time because they are dependent on others. There are many cases coming up through the helpline in which the children have lost their parents and need immediate care. All such commissions Committed to resolving matters in less than 24 hours. “

DCPCR helps on all instantaneous calls coming through the helpline within 24 hours. Necessary needs of medicines, food, shelter, clothes, etc. are supplied to the children. Through the helpline, many cases have come to the notice of DCPCR, in which children have lost their parents due to covid-19. 

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In other cases, children have lost one of their parents, while the other is hospitalized. Such situations make children weak and a situation of horror arises.

The commission found a case in which both children lost their parents in a single day. After this, the Commission consulted with the children with the help of NGO and did counseling. 

Relatives and neighbors are now taking care of the children. At the same time, the Commission is taking their information daily.

In another case, two children lost their father due to covid 19 and the children had no place of shelter. The children did not know what to do next. The commission got his father cremated. 

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Apart from this, medical facilities were provided to the relatives before reaching them. The Commission also ensured a covid investigation of both children.

Such conditions also have an adverse effect on the mental health of the child. Therefore, in such situations, a panel is being set up to address the anxiety and loneliness of children.

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