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Colonel Viplav Tripathi, Braveheart killed in Manipur Terrorist attack

Colonel Viplav Tripathi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Colonel Viplav Tripathi; Col. Biplab Tripathi was recently martyred in an ambush by terrorists in Manipur on Saturday and was praised for the bravery displayed by his comrades and his service as Indian Army personnel by people across India. Apart from his wife Anuja (36), eight-year-old son Abir, four Assam Rifles personnel were also killed in the incident.

Col Biplab Tripathi, who laid down his life in the Manipur ambush, was a major inspiration behind joining the armed forces. He was inspired by his grandfather Kishori Mohan Tripathi, who inspired Viplav to wear the army uniform and defend his country, said his maternal uncle (‘mama’) Rajesh Patnaik.

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Kishori Mohan Tripathi was a freedom fighter and a member of the Constituent Assembly. He died in 1994, when Viplav was 14 years old, prompting him to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and devote his life to the security of his country.

Colonel Tripathi was the commanding officer of the Khuga Battalion of the Assam Rifles. He was killed along with four personnel of the paramilitary force when a group of terrorists ambushed him in Manipur. Colonel’s wife Anuja and son Abir were also killed in this attack.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned the attack in Manipur near the border with Myanmar, saying “their sacrifice will never be forgotten.” (Colonel Viplav Tripathi)

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Viplav’s uncle also revealed that he was very attached to his grandfather, Kishori Tripathi, and had accompanied him to Rashtrapati Bhavan when Giani Zail Singh was the President. Col Tripathi’s father Subhash Tripathi is 76 years old and a senior journalist in a local newspaper, while his mother Asha Tripathi is a retired librarian.

Viplav was a student of Sainik School in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh and later joined the National Defense Academy (NDA). He then joined the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun and was posted as a lieutenant in the Kumaon Regiment at Ranikhet.

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