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Clampdown on Covid info will be treated as contempt of court: Supreme court

While hearing the situation of covid virus in the country, the Supreme Court has given many strict instructions to the

By Ground Report
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While hearing the situation of covid virus in the country, the Supreme Court has given many strict instructions to the Central and Delhi Government.

The Supreme Court has said that no state can tighten its grip on the dissemination of information of covid-19. The court believes that citizens can post their complaints on social media.

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Justice DY Chandrachud said, "As a citizen or judge, it is a matter of great concern to me that if citizens express their grievances through social media, then we should not screw up on the information."

"If a citizen wants beds or oxygen and he is harassed, we will consider him disregarded. We are in a humanitarian crisis."

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Apart from this, Justice Chandrachud said that doctors and health workers are also not getting beds, which is a terrible situation.

The Supreme Court said that all the complaints and conjectures being made by people on the Internet cannot be wrong.

Apart from this, the Supreme Court has given its opinion on many issues. Read further what the Supreme Court said.

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  1. The central government told the Supreme Court that there is no shortage of oxygen in the country and its production has been increased.
  2. The Center said that in August 2020, the country was producing 6,000 metric tons of oxygen per day, which has now increased to 9,000 metric tons.
  3. The Center told the court that UP has installed GPS on its oxygen tankers so that its movement can be detected.
  4. The Supreme Court has said that private vaccine manufacturers cannot decide which state will get how much vaccine.
  5. The court said that the health sector is on the verge of breakdown and retired doctors and officers can be hired again. At the same time, the court said that it agrees that the health infrastructure we have inherited in the last 70 years is not enough.
  6. The Supreme Court said that hostels, temples, churches and other places can be opened as covid Care Centers.
  7. The Supreme Court gave strict instructions to the Delhi government that at this time there should be no political discord and it should work with the central government on the status of covid-19.

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