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Benefits of having CISM certification

CISM certification

If you have been wondering how earning that CISM certification can advance your cyber career and put you one step closer to accomplishing your dreams, you have come to the right spot. This article will give you great insight into the benefits of having a CISM certification and how it can transform both you and your career.

In the modern IT industry, the development and management of information security systems play a key role in the protection of cyber information, thus enhancing business growth and expansion. Only organizations that have a foolproof plan for maintaining confidentiality and protection of their data systems against all forms of malicious threats can thrive. So, what role does CISM play in upholding a company’s information security practices? Well, the CISM training equips one to develop the advanced skills and knowledge to analyze risks and manage security systems to combat external threats and unauthorized internal modifications. Let us now delve a bit deeper into what CISM essentially entails and how the CISM certification can be a game changer for you.

What is CISM certification?

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is a globally revered advanced certification offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) in order to validate an individual’s knowledge and prowess in developing and managing information security (infosec) programs, particularly in the areas of governance, risk management, and incident management. CISM training focuses more on enhancing the administrative abilities and expertise of IT security professionals. Senior company executives, IT managers, information security experts, IT software system developers, application developers, and IT auditors are the key target audience are the main benefactors of this certification.

What are the benefits of having  CISM certification?

With so many certificates available in the world of information security, it is critical to investigate the significance and benefits of acquiring the right certification for you. As humans, it is our innate tendency to contemplate and list out how a particular action or thing can benefit us. So, to satiate our ever-inquiring brains, let us enumerate the numerous benefits that earning a CISM certification might bring to your job.

1.   Career advancement

CISM-certified professionals are well-known for their management and technical capabilities. They are incredibly adaptable and exceptional at managing and deploying stringent security systems in their enterprises, as well as assessing vulnerabilities in a security system that can pave the way to potentially hazardous data streams, making them an invaluable asset to any organization. Therefore, businesses are keen on hiring CISM-certified professionals. Your competency in possessing advanced job abilities is confirmed by your CISM certification, which can open the path for professional advancement, such as assuming new responsibilities, ascending the organizational hierarchy to secure promotions and top ranks, and respect within the IT community.

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 2.   Job versatility

A CISM certification under your belt opens doors to a whole new world of avenues, be it seeking a new career opportunity or aspiring to scale new heights within your current firm. With a CISM certification, you may also have the chance to collaborate closely with the government on formulating and implementing IT security guidelines and to surround yourself with a competent group of infosec specialists. The CISM certification validates your proficiency in the following security domains:

·      Information security governance

·      Information security risk management

·      Information security program

·      Incident management

 3.   Global recognition

The CISM certification is one of the most globally recognized and revered certifications in the world of information technology and it can get you the global visibility that helps you stand out from the rest of your peers. CISM is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO/IEC 17024:2012. This international standard ensures that the CISM certification is recognized globally.

 4.   Networking skills

Professionals with CISM certification are eligible for ISACA membership, which provides them access to a huge network pool of subject-matter experts and well-revered professionals of the IS/IT industry, thus setting the stage for the exchange of valuable insights among contemporaries and seniors. Your ability to network gives you a competitive edge over your peers and enables you to offer innovative ideas, tools, and solutions to your organization, which in turn helps it increase revenue and grow its clientele.

5.   Lucrative salary prospects

In comparison to their peers, CISM-certified professional earns a handsome salary package because their certification is highly appreciated and regarded as one of the best credentials globally. A Certified Information Security Manager makes $105,676 annually in the United States, with an average pay of $94,706, according to Glassdoor. Since an individual can only qualify for CISM if he meets the relevant work experience criteria and is expected to comply with the CISM’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy, they are constantly updated on emerging technology and skills, making them specialists in their field. Moreover, their competence enables them to assume challenging and in-demand positions in their firms, such as head of staff or risk analyst, for which they are compensated with salary increments, bonuses, and other privileges.

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 6.   Credibility and reliability

A CISM certification can give your work more credibility and demonstrate that you are dependable and in a league of your own when it comes to managing security system operations and ensuring sure that the information security programs of the firm are in conformity with its aims and objectives. The CISM certificates have their own set of stringent rules and specifications, and failing to adhere to them or breaching them might lead to the forfeiture of the title itself. As a result, employers prefer to recruit people who have CISM certifications since they are totally reliable and would implement the workplace policies of the organization. Furthermore, businesses that employ people with CISM certifications benefit from better client reputations and improved customer retention.

7.   Work environment

A qualified information security manager’s job is highly challenging and quite different from one performed by an IT expert who is not certified. There will never be a dull moment at work because the sector is always evolving with new technologies, techniques, and challenges. Because of the demanding nature of the work, one’s knowledge is constantly updated, resulting in the acquisition of new skills, which aids in the retention of motivation.

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