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China's activities near the border in Ladakh are worrying: US General

Border in Ladakh; A senior US general has called China's installation of defence infrastructure along the Indian border in Ladakh "troubling"

By Ground report
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What has China done on the LAC near the Ladakh border?

A senior US general has called China's installation of defence infrastructure along the Indian border in Ladakh "troubling" and "revealing".

The Commanding General of the US Army Pacific Region who visited India, Charles A. Flying, said during a media interaction: "I think that China's activities are worrying I think some infrastructure construction in some western theatre commands is concerning."

However, he also said that the Chinese Communist Party's destabilizing and pressure behaviour in the Indo-Pacific region will not help China. Flynn said that when one looks at China's military arsenal, one should ask why it is necessary.

The Chinese Army's Western Theater Command is located along the Border in Ladakh. Tension has been going on between the Indian and Chinese military in eastern Ladakh since 2020. At that time there was a violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Pangong Tso areas.

Regarding military and diplomatic talks between India and China, the US general said: "I think talks will help, but behaviour matters here as well. So I think what he (China) is saying is a different matter." But the way he is behaving is concerning and everyone should be concerned about it."

India and China have so far held 15 rounds of military talks to resolve the eastern Ladakh dispute. The troops were withdrawn from the northern and southern banks of Pangong Tso and Gogra after diplomatic and military talks between the two sides.

He said countries like India and the US are working closely together, holding joint exercises that improve interoperability. He said that Yudh Abhyas, the next joint exercise, will be held in a high-altitude area, at an altitude of 9,000-10,000 feet, in India in October. This exercise will be held in conditions similar to those in Ladakh, where India and China have been engaged in a military standoff for more than two years.

"This sharing of military, tactical and operational practices increases everyone's preparedness to respond to any crisis that may occur" and has a "deterrent effect throughout the region." He called it a way to "express our commitment to each other."

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