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Home » China sending children of Uighur Muslims to an orphanage: Amnesty

China sending children of Uighur Muslims to an orphanage: Amnesty

Human rights organization Amnesty International, China has forcibly separated their young children from the Uighur families and sent them to government orphanages.

In a recent report, Amnesty has requested China to immediately release all the Uighur children kept in orphanages without the consent of the families.

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The institution has spoken to the parents of children living outside China for this report. In fact, the people who were forced to leave China, had left their children in the country with their relatives while going out.

Amnesty claims that there are more than 1 million Uighur in Chinese custody. China is accused that the government has grossly abused human rights against the Vigar people and other Muslim minorities.

It has been claimed that the government is not only getting bonded laborers from the migrants but also forcibly sterilized, se*ually abused and raped.

However, the government denies that the Uighur people have been kept in custody in northwest China’s Xinjiang province. China claims that Uighur are being ‘re-educated’ to fight terrorism in its camp.

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Amnesty has also talked to the Uighur who fled to Xinjiang before the repression intensified in 2017 due to various restrictions on the routes of Xinjiang province.

According to the group, Mihirban Kader and Ablikim Mematinin fled from Xinjiang in 2016 after harassing police.

He told Amnesty International that he had left four children under the supervision of grandparents. After that, the police sent the grandmother of the children to the detention camp, while the grandfather was intensively interrogated by the police.

Mihirban Kader said, “After such behavior with our parents, our other relatives did not dare to take care of my children, because they were afraid that they too would be sent to these camps.”

According to Amnesty International, in November 2019, the Italian government was granted a permit by Mihirban and Ablikim to bring the children with them.

But the Chinese police caught the children in the middle of the road and sent them to a government orphanage to live. According to Mihirban, his children are now in the possession of the Chinese government and they do not think that they will ever meet him.

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Amnesty has also told the story of Omar and Maryam Faruh, who fled to Turkey in 2016. According to this, the couple did not have any travel documents and hence left their two young children to their grandparents.

But later it came to know that the grandparents of the children have been arrested and sent to a camp, while there is no trace of the children.

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