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China ministry official to attend military talks

7th round of commander-level talks senior diploma China for rst time to reduce tensions on the Indo-China border in Ladakh.

By Ground Report
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India, China face-off along LAC in Arunachal Pradesh

The seventh round of commander-level talks will be held today to include senior diplomats as the representative of China for the first time to reduce tensions on the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh. The Chinese delegation may include foreign ministry officials and political commissioners in the meeting, Times of India reported.

Earlier in the sixth round of talks held on 21 September, a senior diplomat, Joint Secretary (East Asia) Naveen Srivastava participated on behalf of India.

On September 10, a five-point agreement was reached in a meeting between Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wong Yi in Moscow. But after the lack of uniformity in its implementation at the ground level, India included a senior diplomat in the next meeting.

An official quoted the newspaper as saying, "Until China withdraws its forces from the northern part of the Pegong Tso Lake and the Finger Area and does not de-escalate across the entire region of eastern Ladakh, no meeting will be concluded." Could go.

Earlier US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has slammed China for ‘misbehaving’ and posing threats to the Quad Group countries. He says it has deployed 60,000 troops on India’s northern border.

Foreign ministers of ‘Quad’ countries based on the US, Japan, India and Australia met in Tokyo. This was his first personal appearance since the Covid-19 epidemic began.60 thousand Chinese soldiers stationed’The meeting was held against the backdrop of China’s aggressive military behavior along the Line of Actual Control in the Indo-Pacific region, South China Sea and East Ladakh.

After returning from the meeting, Pompeo said on the Guy Benson Show on Friday, “Indians are seeing that there are 60,000 Chinese troops stationed on their northern border.”

He said, ‘I was with my counterparts in India, Australia and Japan, this format of four big democracies, four powerful economies, four nations is called Quad. All four of these countries have real risks associated with the threats presented by the Communist Party of China. ‘

Pompeo met Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday in Tokyo, allowing China’s CCP to dominate . Pompeo said, ‘They know that their (people of the Quad countries) understand that we have been ignoring this for a long time. The West allowed China’s Communist Party to dominate itself for decades. 

The previous administration succumbed and gave China the opportunity to steal our intellectual property and capture millions of jobs associated with it. They are also seeing this happen in their country. ‘

In another interview, Pompeo said that understanding and policies have started to develop in meetings with the foreign ministers of the Quad countries, through which these countries can unite to oppose the threats presented by the Communist Party of China Can. He said, “He definitely needs America as an ally and partner in this fight.”