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Waiting for the Powerball draw? It is delayed, check out new time

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If you are also waiting for the Powerball lottery draw, then let us tell you that due to security protocols its draw has been delayed and the rescheduled time has not been announced yet.

You will have to wait a little longer for the announcement of the Powerball lottery.

The draw was supposed to take place Monday night at the lotto’s standard 10:59 p.m. Eastern time but Powerball officials failed to do so. There is no official statement on the delay but the state lotteries suggested that it is delayed because of security issues.

The drawing will be performed under the supervision of lottery security officials and independent auditors, as soon as the security protocols are complete.

The prize money is currently at $1.9 billion. This is the largest prize in the history of this game. The last biggest prize money was in the year 2016 i.e $1.586 billion jackpot.

The price of a Powerball ticket is $2, and a winner would get a lumpsum amount of $1.9 billion Or they could opt for payments over 29 years. Most winners choose the lump sum payout.

Many lottery enthusiasts are talking about delays in draws and what will they do if their billion-dollar American dream became a reality.

What are people saying on social media?

This #Powerball drawing delay is killing me. C’mon, hurry up and tell me I didn’t win $2Billion!


Of course the biggest #powerball in history having never before seen “technical difficulties” doesn’t have anything to do with the #election. Nothing to see here. #stopthecount


If I win #Powerball I’m giving all my mutuals $32k (the most you can get tax-free with the least paperwork, because I love you but I’m lazy).


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