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Chandrayaan Successfully landed on Moon

In a remarkable achievement, the Chandrayaan mission has successfully achieved its goal by landing on the lunar surface.

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Chandrayaan Successfully landed on Moon

The Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) third lunar mission, Chandrayaan-3, saw the successful landing of its Lander Module (LM) on the moon on August 23, following its launch on July 14.

On August 18, the ISRO achieved a significant milestone by successfully executing the initial deboosting operation, resulting in a reduced orbit of 113 km x 157 km. This operation took place a day subsequent to the separation of the lander module from the propulsion module, after an extensive 34-day journey towards the Moon. Following this, on August 20, the ISRO successfully undertook another crucial deboosting operation to further reduce the Lander Module's orbit to 25 km x 134 km, marking the final step in its trajectory.

Analysts suggest that India's space market is currently valued at approximately $8 billion, with an annual growth rate of about 4% in recent years—outperforming the global growth rate of 2%. Projections indicate that India's space economy could reach a staggering $40 billion by 2040.

In order to expedite progress towards this target, a successful Chandrayaan-3 mission could prove pivotal, attracting numerous countries seeking India's satellite launching capabilities.

"We are going to join the elite group of four (countries) touching the Moon's surface... Failures gives lessons. We have learnt a lot... They (ISRO) have taken enough cautions to have a soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 over the Moon's surface," senior scientist CSIR Satyanarayana said.

“I would like to congratulate India, particularly as you speak about the need for cooperation in Space, in a few hours India's spacecraft Chandrayaan-3 will be landing on the moon. We congratulate you. This for us, as the BRICS family, is a momentous occasion and we rejoice with you. We join you in the joy of this great achievement," South African president Cyril Ramaphosa wishes India for the lunar mission. 

On July 14, when Chandrayaan-3 embarked on its journey to the moon, we provided an overview of the mission, including the fundamental aspects of space launches, insights into the earlier Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 missions, and more.

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