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Centre defends its vaccination plan before Supreme Court

Pegasus case: Central govt refuses to file affidavit in Supreme Court

The central government, which is constantly surrounded by the vaccination policy, has defended itself in the Supreme Court. 

The central government in its affidavit filed in the Supreme Court on Sunday night said that there is no need for judicial intervention in this case. The Supreme Court will hear the matter today. 

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The Center has also made it clear in its affidavit that the permission to vaccinate people aged 18 to 44 has been given only because many states were demanding it and the central government has supplied vaccine from vaccine producers to the states at a cost. Have asked to do.  

Explain that while the central government is paying Rs 150 for a single dose of vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers are taking Rs 300 and 400 per dose for it from the states. 

However, the central government has said that it is paying less for the vaccine because it has ordered large quantities of the vaccine.

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In its affidavit, the central government said, ‘It is important to note that the central government has given large orders of vaccines for its comprehensive vaccination campaign. 

The orders are much larger than state governments and private hospitals. Therefore, its effect was shown on the price as well. 

According to the affidavit, the different prices will create a competitive market for private vaccine manufacturers, resulting in increased production of the vaccine and not even higher prices. 

The Center also said that this difference in prices will not affect the public as all the states have announced that they will provide free vaccine. 

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After the, the Central Government also said in the Supreme Court that it should not pass any order in the case of self-cognition related to the supply of essential medicines and other materials related to the corona. 

The government has said that all policies regarding this epidemic are being decided by medical experts and scientific advice, in which case the scope for judicial intervention is negligible. 

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