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How to choose a hotel management college?

How to choose a hotel management college?

There are numerous career prospects in hotel management. In recent years, a rapid increase has been witnessed in the admissions in hotel management. After class 12th, many students with a flair towards the hospitality sector opt for hotel management and enroll themselves in hotel management courses. But the biggest question they face is how to choose the desired hotel management institution? There are many national hotel management schools. Aside from this, there are numerous top private hotel management schools that take admission based on entrance exams or other criteria that guarantee admission to reputed institutions. But what exactly is the definition of an excellent college? How should you choose the same as each college has its own reputation and worth?

Lords Institute of Management is one of the best private hotel management institutes in Surat offering a variety of courses such as B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies and certificate courses such as food production principles, managing housekeeping operations and management of food and beverage operations. This hotel management college in Gujarat is currently accepting applications for admission to its unique courses. Students interested in pursuing a career in hotel management or even wanting to engage in a certificate course can consider applying for the same.

This article talks about a few factors which the students should keep in mind while researching and deciding to choose which college to attend.

  1. Recognition and Affiliation- When it is said that a college has received accreditation, it means recognition. Candidates should always choose to enroll in institutions accredited by government agencies. NAAC accredits most of the colleges in India. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an institution that is known for designating recognition to higher educational institutions in the United States. Thus, NAAC accreditation is beneficial for the college. For an academic degree program to be considered valuable, it must be nationally or globally accredited. The accreditation procedure guarantees that the curriculum meets national requirements. International collaborations and linkages enhance the degree’s worth.

Lords Institute of Management is a well-known hotel management college in Surat. It is a NAAC accredited educational establishment. In addition to this, it has several affiliations with reputed hospitality organizations such as the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute and the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council. It has also received many prominent awards like the following-

  1. Certificate of Achievement for being the best Tourism Institute of Gujarat;
  2. Aroma Winner award in the Chef Competition for Hospitality students on the World Food Day.
  3. Academic and Achievements- Academic & Achievements is a key consideration while choosing a college. Colleges are ranked based on their curriculum and academic achievement. Candidates should go through the academic honours and rankings that the college has received. Examine the feedback from guest faculty and companies who have visited the same for placements. When choosing a college, the students are requested to observe its academic reputation. Examine the course material to ensure that it is relevant to the industry. This is because the hospitality industry is so hands-on, requiring candidates to dedicate hours to the practical work, which is critical for the hotel management degree. The candidates must make sure whether the particular degree programs offered by the respective colleges provide hands-on learning and internship experience.

Lords Institute and its students have been the recipients of many academic awards, candidates can visit their official website to have a look at their gallery displaying the same.

  1. Reputation- What is the reputation of the colleges you are considering? This is undoubtedly another critical element to consider while applying for hotel management positions. The reputation of a college cannot be established only on the basis of its academic results. There are several additional elements that influence a college’s reputation. Some colleges are well-known for their academic prowess while others are for their curriculum. The behaviour depicted both by its faculty and students affects a college’s reputation.
  1. Student to Faculty Ratio- Student-teacher ratio, better known as the student-faculty ratio, is the number of students enrolled in a school or university divided by the number of teachers on staff. It is critical to examine the college’s students to faculty ratio to determine the number of pupils assigned to each professor. Colleges with a good and low student-faculty ratio are usually an excellent choice. This is an important consideration in college, as it determines the amount of assistance the students get from their teachers. Individual pupils can be promoted and encouraged by teachers in smaller class groups.
  1. Infrastructure and Services- When choosing a college, whether it be a private or government institution, the students must consider the infrastructure and facilities offered by the college. As hotel management education requires a more practical approach than theoretical, candidates must choose an institution that focuses on providing its students with internships and training. An excellent hotel management college should feature a large number of kitchens and dining facilities. As someone aspiring to have a career in hotel management, the value of hands-on training is immense. Practical learning is required to gain the necessary real-world experience in order to work in large hotels and restaurants. The same will help prepare the students for the future, wherein they shall be expected to work in a professional manner. As a result, the hotel management institution that a candidate chooses must have the appropriate infrastructure.

Lords Institute being one of the best hotel management colleges in Surat is rightly equipped with training laboratories, smart classrooms, libraries, computer center, auditoriums along with hostel facilities to offer their students the best services.

  1. Venue and Location- Some students prefer to attend a college in their immediate vicinity, while others are content with any place as long as they attend a college of their choosing. Candidates should also look into the hostel amenities of the college they are considering as many colleges have their hostels at a distance of 5-6 kms away from the campus. Lords Institute in Gujarat provides in-campus hostel facilities for both male and female students.
  1. Fee structure- Many hotel management institutes charge an exorbitant fee. On the other hand, students are advised to take advantage of the financing options. This is however valid for a few universities only. As a result, while choosing a college, applicants must seek this provision. Checking the fee structure becomes a significant component and it will offer the candidate an insight into the costs pertaining to the overall degree programme.
  1. Campus Placement and Internship Opportunities- Despite all the aforementioned criteria, students do have the propensity of focusing on just one element, which is campus recruitment. It is, in fact, crucial. It is necessary to be fully informed on the quantity and type of companies/hospitality organizations and firms that visit the college, the top job profiles available in hotel management, and so forth. Aspirants should make themselves familiar with the top hotel management companies that provide the best packages to hotel management graduates. Official placement statistics are not always accurate. The simplest approach to learn about a college’ placement statistics is to contact its alumni via social networking sites. It is also beneficial to interact with existing students on campus and solicit their opinions on the same.

In addition to this, internships are one of the most essential elements of a hotel school curriculum because they allow students to put what they have learnt in the classroom or the kitchen to use. Internships also lead to frequent employment opportunities post completion of the course. Make sure that the school you have picked has a fully functioning and developed internship cell dedicated to this activity.

All the above-mentioned points will hopefully guide students in making the right choice pertaining to which college they would like to take admission. In addition to this, students must also focus on the specialization or certificate/diploma courses they would like to undertake during their ongoing degree programme and which colleges offer the same options in order to make a uniform choice.

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