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Home ยป Boys and girls will not be able to study together in universities: Taliban

Boys and girls will not be able to study together in universities: Taliban

Boys and girls will not be able in university

Ground Report | New Delhi: Boys and girls; The Taliban, which occupied Afghanistan on August 15 before the withdrawal of Western forces, has said that girls in the country will be able to study in universities but they will not be able to study with boys. The last time the Taliban came to power, it banned the education of girls.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, but after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US invaded Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban from power.

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According to Abdul Baqi Haqqani, Acting Minister for Higher Education, “The people of Afghanistan will continue to study according to Sharia law. Boys and girls will study in different environments.” He added that the Taliban wants to “create a fair and Islamic curriculum that is in line with our Islamic, national and historical values ​​and on the other hand capable of competing with other countries.”

Boys and girls will not be able in university

Girls and boys would also be segregated in primary and secondary schools, which was already common in severely conservative Afghanistan. The Taliban have pledged to respect progress made in women’s rights, but only in accordance with their strict interpretation of Islamic law. The biggest question is whether women can work, get an education at all levels and be able to mingle with men.

But the rebranding of the Taliban is being viewed with suspicion, with many questioning whether it will stick to its promises. No women were present at the education minister’s meeting in Kabul on Sunday, which included other senior Taliban officials.

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A lecturer who worked at a university in the city during the previous government said, “Taliban’s higher education ministry has consulted only male teachers and students to resume functioning of universities.”  He said it reflects a “systematic prevention of women’s participation in decision-making” and “a gap between the Taliban’s commitments and actions”.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During that time Sharia ie Islamic law was implemented in the country and restrictions like women’s work, girls’ education and going out of the house alone without any man were imposed. Many people fear that similar laws will be implemented again if the Taliban comes to power again.

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