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Booster dose fraud, Police warned against scam calls

Kolkata Police has warned people by tweeting that some vicious miscreants are looting people in the name of booster dose. These frauds first call people and ask if they want to get booster dose? If a person agrees to get the booster dose, then they send a link on his phone and ask to enter OTP in it. In this way money is taken from people’s accounts.

According to the police, people contact you by message or calling. Do not click on any links sent by them. This is a trick to deduct money from your account. Many people have fallen victim to this type of fraud till now.

Let us tell you that the government is providing booster dose only to the elderly people above 60 years of age with comorbidities. It is also a crime to receive a booster dose incorrectly.

Similar scam reported in Mumbai

Mumbai Police has forewarned people to be vigilant of these new scams.

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The modus operandi for this new fraud is simple. The caller, who identifies himself as a government employee, contacts the senior citizens and enquires with them if they are double vaccinated. Sometimes they do not ask but inform you that “you are double vaccinated and are due for a booster dose”. The caller may even share the correct age, date of birth, address, Aadhaar number and make it look very genuine. When the senior citizen gives an affirmative answer, the scamster also shares the date of vaccination and centres to make it look more authentic. 

After confirmation of the basic details, the scamster asks the victims if they are interested in taking a third vaccination, a booster dose, which is effective in fighting the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Once the victim falls prey to the conjob, the scamster asks them to register themselves to be eligible for the booster dose, which will be rolled out for the public in January or February. 

The scamster then informs the victim that an OTP will be received on their phone. About 15 minutes after this phone call, another call is made to the victim to seek the OTP, which could empty the bank account or siphon off the victim’s money.

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Due to the increased risk of Omicron, people may want to take a booster dose. These frauds are taking advantage of this.

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