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BJP minister appeals to eat beef more than chicken

BJP minister appeals to eat

Ground Report |New Delhi: BJP minister appeals to eat beef; In one way, where BJP is against eating beef, on the other hand, BJP minister Sanbor Shullai in Meghalaya has appealed to the people to eat beef. He said that people should eat beef more than chicken, mutton, and fish. In a democratic country, everyone is completely free to eat whatever they want. He can eat whatever he wants. Politics has been heated by the statement of the minister.

According to NDTV, Shullai, a senior BJP leader who was sworn in as Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Minister last week, said, “I encourage people to eat more beef (beef) than chicken, mutton, or fish.

The Assam Cow Protection Bill, 2021 has been brought to protect cattle in Assam. Its objective is to ban the international export of cows from Assam to prevent the smuggling of cows into Bangladesh.

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On the ongoing border dispute between Meghalaya and Assam, Shullai said, “It is high time that the state government uses its police force to protect the border and its people.”He further said, “If Assam continues to harass our people in the border area, now is not the time to just talk and drink tea. We have to react, we have to act on the spot.”He clarified that he was not a supporter of violence.

BJP minister appeals to eat beef

Lauding the Mizoram Police for “standing up to protect” its land and people, the BJP minister criticized the Meghalaya Police, which is always “seen on the backfoot” to protect the border residents. He said, “We have seen from time to time – the police are behind and the common citizens are at the fore. The higher authorities should order that the police should come forward for the safety of the people.”

“If the enemy comes into your house, attacks you and your wife and children, then you must also attack in self-defense. The same thing should be done on our borders… If your enemy is to steal your house or your house. When it comes to robbing, you have to protect yourself, whether it is legal or illegal, you have to protect,” Mr. Shullai insisted.

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He said that the issue of border dispute is long pending and it needs to be resolved at the earliest. “Many political parties have made commitments in their manifestos that if they come to power they will solve this issue – but it’s been over 50 years, no party can solve it. So, we have a problem here,” he said.

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