Let Election time come, all leaders will come out like frogs: Ashok Koul

Bharatiya Janata Party J&K General Secretary Ashok Koul Saturday stirred a row by calling mainstream leaders other that those with the BJP as frogs, stating that “let election time come, all the political leaders will come out to join the fray.”

“Prime Minister Narendera Modi has announced the elections will be held in J&K and there will be ministers and chief minister. We too want polls to take place in J&K. The exercise of delimitation is already in progress.

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Assembly elections will be held when it is over. Kaul said that some mainstream leaders are working to provoke the general public. After the abolition of Article 370, the Central Government has closed their political shops by making Jammu and Kashmir a Union Territory. This is the reason why they are talking about not contesting elections. He had earlier claimed this when the panchayat elections were held. They did not contest panchayat elections, but all contested the parliamentary elections. I bet that when the bugle for the assembly elections will be blown, So all these mainstream leaders will come out of their homes like frogs and get involved in publicity. Kaul said that as far as the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir are concerned, there are no “ifs and butts” in it.

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Asked some mainstream leaders have stated that they won’t contest polls, Koul said they had claimed the same earlier too when panchayat polls were held. “They didn’t contest panchayat polls, but joined poll fray in Parliamentary election. I bet when poll bugle for the Assembly will be blown, all these mainstream leaders will come out of their homes like frogs and join the poll pray,” Koul said.

Koul said that Prime Minister Narendera Modi announced about holding Assembly polls in J&K from the Red Fort. “We need to be ready about the new political process,” he said.

On the issue of giving statehood to Jammu and Kashmir again, Kaul said that the central government is committed to it. But for this, it is necessary to stop guns, terrorist attacks in the valley. Referring to the Naugam attack, he said that two policemen were martyred in this terrorist attack. What was their fault? One of the slain policemen was to be engaged today. When the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be able to come anywhere without fear, statehood will return. Asked about the restoration of statehood, he said that GoI is committed to restore the state status to the J&K. “But for that all guns should fall silent. Yesterday, two policemen were killed. What was their fault? One of the slain policemen was supposed to get engaged today,” Koul said. “When people would start moving on rounds without fear, statehood will return.”

On the safety of BJP workers, Kaul said that the government and police have taken some steps in this regard. More will be done in the coming days. BJP general secretary Ashok Kaul said that the day the last gun of the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir will be silenced, all people will be able to go without fear, on the same day 4G internet service will also be restored and the state’s status will also be restored.

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