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Bharat Biotech warns people with these medical conditions to not take vaccine


Bharat Biotech has issued some conditions regarding its vaccine. The name of the covid-19 vaccine of Bharat Biotech is covaxine. The company has uploaded a statement on its website, telling which people do not want to apply Covaxin.

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According to the statement, Bharat Biotech advised people not to apply Covaxin to those with allergy, fever and bleeding disorder, people who take blood thinning medicines and people who take medicines for immunity.

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In addition, pregnant women and those who breastfeed have also been prohibited from applying this vaccine.  The company said in its statement, “Covaxin can cause severe allergic reactions. It can cause problems in breathing, swelling of face or neck, rapid heartbeat, body rash, dizziness and weakness.”

Bharat Biotech has now released the factsheet, which informs the possible side effects of the vaccine.

The clinical affixation rate of covaxine has not been reported yet. The study of clinical trial of phase three of the vaccine is still going on. The company has also said that applying the vaccine does not mean that diet is not to be followed to stop covid-19.

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According to an order from the Ministry of Health, people cannot decide which vaccine they will get, although whether or not the vaccine is voluntary. A vigilant awareness campaign is being conducted by health experts and Indian Medical Association (IMA) for this.

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After applying the vaccine, 447 people have seen its side effects. Three of these people had to be hospitalized. In such a situation, emphasis is being given to spread awareness about the vaccine.

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An Health Ministry official from The Hindu has said that the process of vaccination involves taking complete information about the health of the person and monitoring it after applying the vaccine.

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