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8 of the Best Teleworking Tools You Need to Collaborate Remotely

Best Teleworking Tools : Remote working has been a low-wage customer service role for a long time, but it is now becoming a full-time career with shifting trends. Thanks to technological advancements, we can now complete the same task regardless of where we’re at the globe. People everywhere are attempting to conform to this technology. Businesses are tapping into this market to meet the changing needs of the workforce and to adopt the global talent available.

You need a project management tool with all the attributes you need for a comfortable experience, effective connectivity, and outstanding team collaboration. Here are 8 of the most sophisticated tools for making the procedure less clumsy and reliable.

Best Teleworking Tools

• Zoom

Zoom is an incredible platform for team discussion, meetings with clients, and keeping up with teammates and friends. One of the most crucial aspects of remote working is not feeling isolated, so video interaction may be beneficial, particularly if you need to work closely. When two people or more people are on the call, Zoom also offers a free version that lasts up to 40 minutes when two or more individuals are on the call. Upgrade to its paid version to enjoy its full beneficial features.

• Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to keep all your files in one secure location. Documents, databases, plus slide presentations can be stored and shared by remote workers. 

It helps create weekly performance reports. Google Drive content can also be synced between devices, allowing users to access and change them from anywhere. But to be completely safe from potential fraudsters who may target your data for malicious purposes, download the VPN Chrome extension to be able to safely access Google Docs, spreadsheet programs, and Slides which are all online office apps. You can use them to work on projects, spreadsheets, or presentations with colleagues in real-time or offline. These apps are free to use when browsing with a Google account, as it offers 15GB of free Drive storage.

• BaseCamp

Basecamp is task coordination and management tool that lets project managers, employees, and freelancers work together more efficiently. This productivity tracker is jam-packed with tools for organizing, task management, meetings, and project tracking.

The software enables teams to keep track, collaborate effectively, and increase productivity.

• Acuity

Virtual calendars are vital when everyone is in various time zones, locations, and busy virtual calendars. Acuity allows you to build links for multiple types of appointments and meetings. If your group wants to schedule a brainstorming session, preset times are available. Clients can schedule a one-on-one session and pay for it via the calendar. Their free version is superior to many others, and their subscription version has several functional enhancements, such as the ability to connect with Zoom.


It is a next-generation organization’s information and collaboration platform. Bit’s smart documents allow you to create collaborative documents by combining virtual material. Attach files to improve communication and information exchange within your team.

Your team can also collaborate on documents with guests and build workspace data rooms using this platform. If your tasks require collaboration with people outside your company, such as clients or consultants, this is a valuable feature to consider.

• Slack

Slack has become a famous remote worker messaging platform. A digital platform facilitates team communication by allowing people to share ideas and comments in real-time, allowing everything to move quickly. This remote collaboration platform lets you keep all your group interactions in one spot, no matter where you are. Its channels are also excellent for remote teams’ instantaneous communication and cooperation. It will centralize all of your group’s information, enabling the management of distant personnel to be much more effortless.

• Hypercontext  

By merging quarterly agendas, weekly meetings, and interaction assessments all in one location, the software allows managers and their employees to be productive by staying in touch.

The system helps you manage effective and meaningful meetings by providing 500 questions and topics with more than 180 mission examples. Following each session, you are held liable for detailed next steps. Managers also access discussion data to help analyze communication shortcomings and authentic feedback to evaluate meeting productivity over time.

• EmailAnalytics

You can now get regular email reports, including reference data to contrast your team to other teams and track their progress over time, making things very handy for team managers.

Installation of EmailAnalytics does not necessitate the use of any software. The setup takes a few clicks only, so you can start tracking team members’ email activity. It’s an absolute must-have for any remote workforce.


It is essential to apply any of these tools to enable you to discover a simple approach to communicating and collaborating with your colleagues.

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