Best environmental photographer 2022: the winning images

The winners of the Environmental Photographer of the Year contest were announced on December 2. The competition, which seeks to raise awareness about issues that affect the natural world, received more than 3,000 images from photographers from around the world.

Photographer Mehdi Mohebi Pour has won first prize for his image ‘The bitter death of birds’. The photograph shows just three of the thousands of birds that died in the Miankaleh lagoon, Iran, in 2021 due to water contamination.

It was chosen as the winning photograph for its surreal portrayal of the circular relationship between humans and wildlife, as well as its powerful communication of real environmental issues affecting our planet.

“Having won this prestigious award means a lot to the world, as photographing the weather and showing the damage that is being done is my highest priority in life. I want people all over the world to know about this sad event of the death of birds, because if we don’t reconsider our way of life and take care of the planet, this will soon happen in other countries,” said Mohebi Pour.

Overall Environmental Photographer of the Year winner

Between 2019 and 2021, thousands of birds died in Lake Miankala, due to lack of water and its contamination. Photo by Mehdi Mohebi Pour/Environmental Photographer of the Year

Keeping 1.5 alive category winner

In a chemical explosion and fire at the BM container depot in Sitakunda Upazila, Chittagong, 49 people were killed and the mix of chemicals in the air and water had a devastating effect on the environment. / Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022

Adapting for tomorrow category winner

Winner of Adapting for Tomorrow category / Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022

Vision of the future category winner

“Vertical Farming” by Arie Basuki, 2022 – Winner of Vision of the Future category / Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022

Recovering nature category winner

Winner of Recovering Nature category / Environmental Photographer of the Year 2022

Young Environmental Photographer of the Year winner

Fewer flamingos over Lake Magadi and Lake Natron, southern Rift Valley, Kenya, July 2022. Once a single freshwater lake, the two lakes are now highly concentrated saline, severely alkaline and toxic to most animal and plant life forms. Photo by Fayz Khan/Environmental Photographer of the Year.

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