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Best casual work outfit ideas

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  • Post published:February 3, 2023

First day at the office? Looking for a change? Ready for some inspiring ideas? Then this is for you. 

As the proverb goes, when the character speaks the test, the attire speaks the rest. Every outfit we wear reveals the person within us and always creates the first impression. Researchers have concluded that women love portraying their cool in their attire. In this article, let’s see some DIY office outfit ideas for the woman in you.


Best casual work outfit ideas

It is one of the formal and comfortable wear for everyday work. From simple palettes and printed designs to self-embroidery, multiple threads, beads, and tassels, a passionate variation is relished. It can be worn with a dupatta and makes a difference if paired with oxidized or silk-threaded jewelry. 

Not sure which sandal would go perfectly for the salwar? Flats will finish any look, but wedges define them the best when you wear cigarette or palazzo pants.


Best casual work outfit ideas

Sarees, be it cotton, linen, chiffon, grape, or silk, are always a handy option for the ones who love traditional fashion. It gives an elegant and professional look and suits all designations. With perfect accessories and styling, you can create any look and make it a trend. The light designs and solid pastel shades are more classy than the overly styled and heavy shimmers.

Are you looking for something new with sarees? Choose a plain saree and a contrast printed blouse. Add an extra wow factor by using oxidized jewels. Painted terracotta, quilling, or wooden jewels with silk-threaded bangles add an exquisite appeal. There you are, in the line of perfection.


Best casual work outfit ideas

After salwars, Kurti is the soothing choice who would prefer an Indo-western look. From little hem work to the vivid splash of prints with tassels, zari work, and pearls. Neutral shades and lightweight, breathable materials suit formal life.

Confused about how to pair? Usual pants, Patiala, and leggings are a linear option. A palazzo or cigarette pants would add a trendy look apart from jeans or jeggings.

Shirts or blouses:

Best casual work outfit ideas

Need a solid pick? Worry not. We got you covered. Shirts are the best choice for ‘get bold’ women, and blouses add a formal and courteous look through the eyes of modernity. From normal stripes to modern art, shirts come in an array of stunning options.

Not a usual shirt person but need a first-day work outfit idea? All you need is a white or black shirt. You can match them with colored trousers, skirts, palazzo pants or jeans. Choose a shoe that fits your toe type. Wear a light chain, pearl stud and watch for an elegant statement. White goes well with pastel and pop shades, while black is best with soft tones, beige and cerulean, strong olives, and mustard gold.

Choosing a blouse? If you have a matching Blazer, you can rock the day with two kinds of looks for the day!

Out of the box:

Best casual work outfit ideas

Not a fan of a shirt or blouse but need a casual outfit idea? Try the Western top dresses that are knee-length with exquisite prints. You can style them with Jeans or wear them with high heels or wedges. Add leather or woven belt. To create a bold outline, wear a blazer or a jacket. You can style it with terracotta or gemstone jewelry.

When it comes to styling for the day, it is never a one-rule game. Explore and experiment with the ideas. Make haste, and it’s okay to make some mistakes. Never forget to wear your smile. Apart from everything, that is your confident jewel.


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