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BBA or B.Com - Right career choice for you?

ways to go the freelance way and offer consulting servicesTwo degrees that can help in both ways are BBA and B.Com, respectively.

By Pallav Jain
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bba or bcom Right career choice

Students today are no longer interested in pursuing just a normal 9 to 5 job and sticking with it for the rest of their lives. Many are starting their own business practices and working on their passions. Alternatively, many are finding ways to go the freelance way and offer consulting services for their knowledge bank. Two degrees that can help in both ways are BBA and B.Com, respectively.

Institutes and universities like RIMS have both BBA and B.Com degrees. There are both general versions but also several specializations. Both courses are made for class 12th students but offer completely different career paths.

Discussed below are the major differences between both to help students choose the best one.


A Bachelor of Commerce or B.Com for short is a three-year-long undergraduate program. This course is offered by the finance department of colleges. B.Com teaches the basics of Accounting, Economics, Taxation, Insurance, etc. Commerce students who have completed their class 12th studies in Commerce would fit perfectly in this course by expanding on the learning on the school level studies. Students learn how to think analytically and also develop problem-solving abilities. This course is perfect for students who aspire to pursue CA or CS degrees. Commerce college in Indore offers admission on a merit basis and through entrance examinations too.

Why Pursue B.Com?

B.Com is the perfect choice for commerce students to continue their studies. The course, however, also accepts students from other streams as well. There are many reasons why this is such a popular course. Some of such reasons are stated below-

  • It is the perfect base degree on which one can build up later and pursue other courses later. For instance, many B.Com students also pursue Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary courses, often at the same time.
  • B.Com degrees allow students to seek employment in many industries at entry-level jobs. It is a good degree for a student to start with a working career in.
  • Salary-wise, B.Com students, especially for work in the Finance field offer handsome salaries. Candidates with higher experience are able to find higher salary jobs as well.
  • B.Com course offers not just a generalized course but also specializations as well. Moreover, due to the design of the curriculum, students can choose from any discipline to specialize in at the postgraduate level.


BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is also a three-year-long undergraduate program. This course is all about teaching the basics of management and essential business skills. This is a professional course that covers different aspects of running entrepreneurship or working in one. For instance, students learn about Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, etc. Like B.Com, the BBA course also offers several specializations like Analytics, Logistics, and Hospitality Management. There is also a general BBA degree. BBA college in Indore offers personality development sessions as well to help students develop communication and leadership skills.

Why Pursue BBA?

BBA course is meant for students who wish to pursue a management career in the future. It accepts students from all backgrounds. Besides B.Com and BA under Arts, BBA is definitely among the top five popular bachelor's degrees. Let us understand why this course is chosen by students.

  • As mentioned above, BBA students are perfect for corporate jobs. Particularly, entry-level positions in management are offered to BBA students. Some of the top companies in the world hire BBA students.
  • A BBA graduate can enroll in an MBA degree at some of the best MBA colleges in Indore and India. Based on the BBA concentration, students can continue the same discipline or take up a completely new concentration.
  • Individuals who aim at starting their own businesses or working at their family businesses also stand to gain from a BBA degree. Within three years, one can learn all the essentials to run a business.
  • BBA degrees and their relevant postgraduate degrees offer numerous networking opportunities. This network is helpful during a job search, hiring, and also for general advice.

Subjects Covered Under BBA and B.Com

With the definitions and benefits of both BBA and B.Com degrees covered, let us try to understand the differences between them. The first aspect to consider when discussing differences in the syllabus and the subjects in each course. Stated below are some of the major subjects under each program.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Income Tax
  • Financial Management
  • Economics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Law


  • Business Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Statistics for Business Decisions
  • Financial Management
  • Management Accounting

Job Prospects After BBA and B.Com

The second aspect to help decide between courses is to look at the career scope and job profiles each degree offers. The similarity between both BBA and B.Com, in this regard, is that both enable students to work in a variety of industries and job profiles. This is due to their multi-disciplinary nature. Other differences are as below.


In terms of higher education, B.Com students can choose any course, even change streams, if they wish to do so. Besides M.Com, there are also professional courses like Chartered Accountancy, Certified Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, and even MBA. Entry-level jobs like Finance Analyst, Account Executive, CA, CS, and CPA are popularly chosen by B.Com students. The average salary for B.Com students is around INR 3,50,000 LPA for freshers.


BBA students also have a wide range of specializations to choose from for their master's degree. Most BBA students opt to pursue an MBA or PGDM. Most of the subjects in MBA are similar to that of the bachelor's course and BBA students will find it easier. In terms of placements, management institute in Indore graduates is frequently hired as Sales Executive, Business Development Executive, and Marketing Executive. Additionally, on average BBA students enjoy salaries of INR 4,82,000 LPA.

How To Choose Between BBA and B.Com?

Choosing between BBA and B.Com depends on the individual goals and aspirations of the student. Some pointers to consider when choosing between both are as below.

  • While B.Com allows one to pursue a Finance based career, BBA students can pursue any position in management and administration.
  • B.Com courses are perfect for students who enjoy working with numbers, have an analytical mindset, and perform well in routine work. BBA is more creative, and there is greater flexibility in it. It is perfect for candidates who wish to work in upper management and lead people.
  • Admissions for both courses take place on both merit basis and entrance tests. However, B.Com courses are more competitive to get into as compared to BBA.

Both B.Com and BBA are two different courses that offer separate career paths. While one offers Finance based jobs but BBA offers jobs in Management. When deciding between both degrees consider the following: scope, job profiles, salary range, cost, of course, eligibility criteria, and admissions process.

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