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In Pictures: Badarpur Border Delhi

Nitin Rawat | Ground Report | Badarpur is famous for its bus terminal from where you can take buses for all over Delhi and NCR. It is also serviced by station of Delhi metro on violet line. The Bus terminal and metro station have been renamed by Delhi govt. as they are in Badarpur Area and located just 900m away from interstate MCD tool plaza between Delhi and Faridabad border which is commonly known as Badarpur border.

  1. There are many general stores, Book shops and cosmetic shops in the market.
  2. There are many stalls like vegetable, fruit and junk food stalls. 

Street photography

Picture 1.   A coconut shop 

Summers call for the freshness of the sweet and  Tender coconut water. Coconut water is the rich source of many nutrients like vitamin b, riboflavin Niacin(b3), pantothenic acid, folic acid , vitamin c ,Sodium and potassium. Drink it and stay hydrated!

Picture 2.  A  Streetlight

a picture of a streetlight, amid a thunderstorm.

Picture 3. City Life at night       

The bustling roads during the night time give a life to the otherwise tired and dreary day.

   Picture 4: A vibrant footwear shop          

Picture 5: A watch shop                                  

Nowadays watches are worn by everyone. But no one knows the importance of passing time.

 Picture 6:  bicycle shop            

 This pandemic has turned out as a boon for someone who all are trying to be more fit by cycling and for some people it has turned out to be a disaster, making people resort to odd jobs, therefore reducing their financial income.

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