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automation tools for solopreneur

The journey of a solopreneur is not really an easy one. Running a single-man business is especially hard in India, with brilliant startups springing up by the minute.

You could have great ambitious ideas yet few hands to execute them. Fortunately, with automation, you can take a lot of work off your shoulders, getting so much done with little effort. 

Here we will be looking at some vital automated tools that could be very helpful to you, a one-person business in India. On the sideline, feel free to check out for some of the most exciting betting odds if you fancy sports betting.

First, we will be looking at Calendly

Time management and punctual scheduling are very important assets of every businessman. But it could be laborious sorting through appointments and meetings. 

How about you greatly relieve yourself with automated scheduling? Yes, Calendly is one very powerful software that can help you in this regard. 

Calendly basically is a scheduling software that allows you to easily schedule meetings and appointments with people based on your availability. Scheduling and rescheduling is so fluid and painless. 

Using Calendly, you can comfortably set up your available time for all kinds of meetings, send out personalized invitation links, and even send sales leads, all based on when you would be free. 

The person you are inviting must not necessarily register an account with Calendly before they can have a meeting with you. 

All they have to do is book an appointment with you from the allocation of your time that is available from your calendar, which matches compatibly with their availability. 

After successfully scheduling an appointment, Calendly will send out custom confirmation emails (as well as event reminders) to the participants- even notifications of possible rescheduling.

Calendly is also integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook as well as iCal so that you can generally sync your appointments with over calendars. In all, Calendly is such a great tool for the Solopreneur.

Another automation tool that can be of great importance to a Solopreneur is is a powerful automated email marketing platform for marketers and businesses generally.’s intelligent marketing automation readily sets it apart from the rest. allows you to send automated, captivating personalized emails that can drive first-time and returning buyers to take action. 

With, you can readily send abandoned cart messages to enhance sales and consolidate customer relationships.

 The visual workflow builder with ensures improved customer experiences. This visual workflow builder allows you to easily build powerful custom email campaigns simplifying your sales funnel.’s impressive, intelligent Facebook ad retargeting will bring back customers to execute sales. It is beautiful how you can set up the ads your audience sees, modify them and end them all from the convenience of inside Drip. 

Lastly, we will be looking at Thrive Themes

Thrive themes can be of great help to you when it comes to creating breathtaking landing pages that spur customers to take action. Thrive themes exceed just being a pack of beautiful WordPress themes, it is much more encompassing for the solopreneur. 

There is the content builder that helps you with nice flexibility when building. 

We can’t help mentioning Thrive Themes’ drag and drop editors, which are seamless to use with uncommon levels of convenience and effectiveness. 

More also, the wireframing and the layout allow you a vaster array of options with the way you lay your content. In addition to all these impressive landing page templates, Thrive Themes allow you to sync to your email service provider, enabling your opt-in forms to link straight to whatever list you desire.

All these are great automation tools that can help you efficiently along your solopreneur journey, achieving so much doing so little. 

Of course, there are other tools that help you manage customer invoicing, taxation, and even inventory. Smartly leveraging these technologies can help you save hundreds of thousands of rupees, keeping your team slim without sacrificing productivity and output.

But above all, the value your business offers and how you treat customers will ultimately determine the viability of your business. Always strive to give more than your competitors offer your prospective customers.

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