Twitter users complaining follower loss, What is happening?

Many twitter users in India complaining about follower loss. Lots of people loose thousands of followers. After so many people complaint about this #फॉलोवर्स_पर_हमला started trending. But twitter usually do this to remove fake accounts and bots. If you have these accounts as followere, you loose them. So uethical way gaining followers leads to follower … Read more

Indian Cricket Star’s Funded Startups

Startups : Once a cricketer nears retirement, speculations begin about his future; some choose to do what they do best – cricket as coaches, managers, mentors, selectors, etc., and others take the unconventional route. One such unconventional route that many cricketers of late have taken is investing in budding startups. Some people may feel that … Read more

Ins Followers; Free Application to get Instagram followers and likes

Ins Followers : You cannot compare people’s past and present. Because right now people are much better than in the past. Many live comfortably in an elegant and modern style. People have a lot of joy and sorrow in their daily lives that they have done in the past sharing stories to share with everyone. … Read more

Crypto: Even After Ban, Your money will be safe, see how?

Ground Report | New Delhi: cryptocurrency ban India; Millenials in India buying cryptocurrency like crazy. Brokerchoose report has revealed that India has the largest number of Individuals holding cryptocurrencies in the world. The United States is at number two and Russia is at number three. If we look at the number of crypto owners in … Read more

Who is Simran Khosla with whom Unmukt chand tied knot?

Indian U-19 World Cup-winning skipper Unmukt Chand shared news of his marriage with Simran Khosla on Social Media. He tied knot with nutritionist Simran Khosla. Who is Simran Khosla? Simran Khosla is Founder and CEO of Butt Like an Apricot, an online Fitness Coaching and Diet Consultancy platform that seeks to transform India into a … Read more

Top 5 Fintech companies to watch for in 2022

Fintech companies : Financial technology (Fintech) is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services and has emerged to satisfy the need of modern consumers that want all of life’s necessities at their fingertips just a few clicks away. Fintech services fulfil this need by … Read more

Latest XTrade Review and Information in 2021

XTrade is a CFD broker that offers traditional trading through shares, commodities, forex, and indices. If we talk about the XTrade review then the company also increases their ranges to include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Litecoin (LTC). XTRADO now lets traders trade anyone or more cryptocurrency on-demand 24/7 directly from the platform … Read more

संकट में है सीहोर-भोपाल टैक्सी सर्विस, कई ड्राइवर फल सब्ज़ी के लगा रहे ठेले

अजय कुमार सेन लॉकडाउन के पहले सीहोर-भोपाल के बीच टैक्सी चलाया करते थे। 25 साल तक उन्होंने यह काम किया, उनकी ज़िंदगी अच्छी चल रही थी। वो एक दिन में 2-3 ट्रिप लगा देते थे। कोरोना के बाद उनके अच्छे दिन खत्म हो गए। लॉकडाउन खत्म होने के बाद जब दोबारा सार्वजनिक वाहन शुरू हुए … Read more