Tasiya Tariq, First Srinagar Female received YouTube Silver play button 

tasiya Tariq Kashmiri Youtuber

Mahek Yaseen | Ground Report | “Back in 2018 , Tasiya Tariq, a young woman from kashmir, wanted to make Wazwan pulao (fried basmati garnished with dried fruits) at home and thought I’d look up the recipe online but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. “There have been a bundle  of videos and articles … Read more

Domestic Violence in Kashmir at an Alarming Stage

Domestic Violence in India

After her marriage, when she got pregnant for the first time, Sheeba, a domestic violence victim unfortunately lost her child after four months. But she could not even express her grief as her sister-in-law came to the hospital and used violence against her there. “My sister-in-law always interfered in our household affairs, even in our … Read more

Number of Female Drug Addicts in Kashmir on Rise

Female drug addicts in Kashmir on rise

Drug abuse in Kashmir is increasing rapidly. Substance abuse among teenagers and young people is becoming a trend these days. Now women are becoming more and more involved in drug abuse and becoming peddlers as well. According to the survey conducted by the United Nations Drug Control Program, there are about 70,000 addicts in Kashmir, … Read more