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Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans, says I did not run away with money

Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans; Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghan has apologized to his fellow countrymen. He fled the country after the

By Ground report
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Ashraf Ghani to flee with $169 million

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans; Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghan has apologized to his fellow countrymen. He fled the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15. Nearly three weeks after fleeing the country, Ghani issued a statement apologizing to the citizens of Afghanistan.

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Ashraf Ghani apologizes to Afghans

In a statement on Twitter, he said, "I must clarify to the people of Afghanistan for abruptly leaving Kabul on August 15th after the Taliban captured Kabul. I decided to leave at the behest of palace security officials. " He said that living there meant that there would have been a street fight like during the civil war in the 90s.

“Leaving Kabul was the hardest decision of my life but I think it was the way to keep the guns quiet and save the 6 million people of Kabul. I have lived my life to give the people of Afghanistan a democratic, prosperous and sovereign country. 20 years on - I never thought of leaving people alone."

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Ghani said that he would soon give details of the entire process of leaving Kabul. He called the allegations of fleeing from there with millions of dollars as baseless.

Regret my chapter ended in tragedy

He said in the statement, "My wife and I have been honest about our expenses. We also made public the information about what my wife got from their family property. I will ask for an audit from the United Nations or any other independent body." I am ready. People close to me are ready to audit all information related to money and I urge all former politicians and officials to do the same."

He said that while being President, he did all the work according to the constitution which came into force in 2004 and he is confident that only a democratic republic can create a peaceful and sovereign Afghanistan. He said, "I regret that my chapter also ended in tragedy like my previous presidents, without bringing peace and stability."

President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan after being captured by the Taliban. After this Kabul was completely under the Taliban and there was panic among the citizens. Fearing the Taliban, people were seen struggling to leave the country by any means. Pictures of horrific scenes came out from Kabul airport, which was seen telling the current situation.

This crisis in Afghanistan led to the exodus of a large number of civilians, which had never happened before. People hung on the flight to leave the country and many deaths were also reported after the flight took off.

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