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Home ยป Why Shame on Times of India trending?

Why Shame on Times of India trending?

Why Shame on Times of India trending

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Shame on Times of India trending; The Times of India is facing criticism over their report published on July 23, 2018, now netizens are angry with an article published in Times of India that defamed Hindu Gods.

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Why Shame on Times of India trending?

The caption on Twitter reads that Maharashtra ‘godman’ forces men into unnatural sex, held. However, as per the news story, a 38-year-old self-styled godman Asif Noori was arrested from Maharashtra’s Buldhana district.

Now Netizens are angry with Times of India for targeted the Hindu religion and some people call this Hinduphobic media, some people even demand action against Times of India.

Twitter user wrote “This is a very serious problem. All this is being done on agenda. In this case, action should be taken against the @timesofindia and reporter.

Another user wrote “This is very common phenomenon among liberal news paper agencies like TOI,Hindu or Express post picture of hindu sanyasi or godmen when criminal is from “World Largest Minority”. This must be stopped, kudos to the person who called the TOI.”

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Netizens reaction

Another user wrote “Hey @timesofindia – Asif Noori is not a godmen but #AllahMen and even a iota of him does not look like picture you displayed” When bring in a religion funded media houses in country & wonder when FDI was not allowed, what will happen? Distortions too are culpable under new IT laws & therefore, action should be taken taking SUO MOTO by police in such cases than someone complaining about.

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Another user wrote “I used to read their news and asume that, this is legit, my parents are reading the newspaper of Times of India, it’s better to unsubscribe them from everywhere”

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  1. Really unfortunate that TOI is also being funded by FDI courtesy Taliban and ISIS to create bad name for Hindustan.

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