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Home » Armed Forces Flag Day 2020: Why is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated?

Armed Forces Flag Day 2020: Why is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated?

Every year in India, December 7 is celebrated as ‘Indian Armed Forces Flag Day’. The significance of this day increased after the Government of India realized that after independence, the Government of India needs to treat the self-respect of the martyrs with dignity. 

According to the committee, the day is to show respect to the soldiers. From 23rd August 1947, the Central Government started celebrating 7th December as ‘Armed Forces Flag Day’. 

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The main purpose of celebrating Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is to rehabilitate those who were seriously injured during the war. 

At the same time, to take care of the soldiers of Purvashram, to take care of their families. It also contributes financially to support them in cancer, heart development, joint replacement or other serious and costly illnesses.

On this day millions of people of the country play a part in economic cooperation for the army personnel. 

Apart from this, any interested person can also cooperate online by visiting the Central Sainik Board website. 

On 28 August 1949, a committee was formed by the then Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru government to collect funds for the welfare of Indian Army soldiers. It was only after its recommendations that December 7 was chosen for this day.

One of the major motives for celebrating this day was that the people of the country could express their gratitude to their brave soldiers and also realize how important it is to help them and their family. 

This day is celebrated not only in India but also in other countries for the help and welfare of the army personnel. This includes Britain where it began in 1956, apart from Cyprus, Kenya and Nigeria.

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