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What is ‘Antifa’? Why US president wants to declare it a terrorist organization

All you need to know about antifa

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Violence and looting continues in many cities after the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis, US on May 25. After the death of black citizen George Floyd, the heat of violence and protests has reached the White House. In view of this period of disturbance, US President Donald Trump has been moved to a safe bunker. The US President has given a statement that needs to be considered. Trump said in a tweet on Sunday that his government would declare the extreme leftist group ‘Antifa’ as his government’s terrorist organization.

He said, “America will declare ANTIFA” as a terrorist organization. Trump has previously described ‘Antifa’ as a terrorist organization. American right-wing politicians have also criticized the organization on several occasions. They also include Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Let us know that this is ‘Antifa’.

What is ‘Antifa’?

The group made headlines in June last year when its members clashed with people from an extreme right-wing group in Portland, Oregon. During this violence, people from both sides were injured, including a journalist. There are different claims about when ‘Antifa’ started in America but it is so clear that this organization has been present there for many decades. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word ‘Antifa’ has been in vogue since the time of Hitler’s Germany.

In the dictionary, the term is thought to derive from the German ‘Antifa’, which is short for anti-fascist. It has a presence in the countries of Europe for a long time, whereas in the US it has come up in recent years, yet there is no formal organizational structure of this organization. The newspaper The New York Times says its members come from movements such as Black Lives Matter and Occupy.

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It is considered to have started since the 1980s

The organization is believed to have started in the US since the 1980s. With Trump becoming President in 2016, he resorted to violence in his protests, leading to his prominence. The members of ‘Antifa’ always wear black clothes and masks during their performances. This organization strongly opposes capitalism and is known for its extreme leftist ideology. It has always raised issues related to LGBTQ and other human rights. Violence is the hallmark of their performances.

Its members fight on the streets

Antifa’ believes that mainstream liberal leaders are not doing anything special for them. The members of this group mostly go on fighting in the streets with their opponents. However, they also take part in non-violent movements. They also run websites that monitor white extremist individuals and extreme right groups.

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