Anti-pollution helmet: A breath of fresh air for bikers

An anti-pollution helmet developed by a Delhi-based startup can help two-wheeler drivers breathe clean air. The helmet developed by Shellios Technolabs has a Bluetooth-enabled app that lets the rider know when the helmet requires cleaning.

The startup received seed funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and was incubated in the Science and Technology Business Park (JSSATE-STEP) Noida.

They had signed marketing agreements with major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the helmet. The product, at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) level 9, has received a utility patent and is now being sold nationwide at a price of Rs. 4500/-. End users of the product include individual cyclists from all over India and for the next iteration, Shellios is tying up with leading two-wheeler OEMs for the marketing of the anti-pollution helmet.

The founders of Shellios Technolabs got the idea from realizing the challenges cyclists face during the air quality crisis facing Delhi in the winter months

“We were concerned about the health impacts of the air quality situation on people on the roads, especially the millions of two-wheeler drivers who had long daily exposures and that too, to a double whammy of particulate matter and emissions. vehicles in the air. let them breathe,” said Amit Pathak, one of the founders.

The PUROS-entitled helmet is integrated with air-purifying accessories that include the start-up’s patented innovations: a brushless DC (BLDC) fan, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter membrane, electronic circuitry and microUSB charging port integrated into the helmet. The purification system located at the rear of the helmet collects all particles from outside and cleans the air before it reaches the rider.

Following all mandatory standards stipulated by the government, the 1.5kg helmet guarantees an exposure reduction of over 80% measured in a controlled environment.

The founders of Shellios Technolabs came up with the concept after noticing the difficulties encountered by cyclists during the winter air quality problem in Delhi.

One of the founders, Amit Pathak, said: “We were concerned about the health impacts of the air quality situation on people, especially the millions of two-wheelers who had long daily exposures and that too, at a double whammy of particulate matter and vehicle emissions in the air they breathe.”

At the moment, the helmets weigh 1.5 kilograms, which is heavier than normal helmets, and cost Rs 4,500, which is four times the average price of a normal helmet. The new version will be built from thermoplastic instead of fibreglass, which is expected to reduce both weight and cost.

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