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Annoyed with EU ban, China said, “Stop lecturing on human rights”

What will happen if China invades Taiwan?

China’s official media has reported in detail the news of the ban on 10 Europeans and four institutions from China.

China has taken this step after the decision of the European Union, in which the EU has imposed sanctions on China for alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang province.

China’s major media institutions such as the Xinhua News Agency and the newspaper Global Times and Government Reference News prioritized the State Ministry’s statement on March 22, stating that the European bloc had “spread lies and misinformation to China’s sovereignty and interest” Tax wastage.”

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The Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily wrote on 23 March, “This statement has made the European Union realize its mistake and forced it to take steps to correct it. They lecture others about human rights and their internal Stop interfering in cases.”

A government-backed website called The Paper wrote on 22nd, “It is being said that the facts on the European side were ignored and openly violated by international laws, which severed the relationship between China and the European Union.”

According to media reports, it has been said in the statement that people and their families banned from China will not be allowed to enter the country. Apart from this, they will not be able to enter Hong Kong and Macau either.

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Those who have been banned include the people of the European Parliament, the researchers and the people of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights of the European Parliament.

According to a Chinese government news agency, the statement said that “China’s determination for national sovereignty, security and development is unbreakable”.

On March 22, the official newspaper Global Times wrote, “Through this rapid counterattack, China has once again told that if anyone goes against China’s interests or interferes with China’s internal affairs, it should be completely The answer will be given. Whatever it may be, without exception.”

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The Chinese-language article reads, “This is the first time since the 90s that the European party has imposed sanctions on China’s employees and institutions. The sanctions are clearly symbolic but they reflect the moral arrogance of the European Union and China’s Show an attempt to interfere in internal affairs.”

The comment stated that ‘China hopes that the European Union will stay away from US intrigues and ambitions to stop China’.

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