Who was Anirudh Yadav killed in police custody in Bettiah?

There was a lot of uproar after the death of a person named Anirudh Yadav in police custody in Bettiah, Bihar. Angry mob torched the police station. Police vehicles were set on fire and the police personnel ran and got beaten. The police personnel left the police station and ran in the fields to save their lives. The disturbance continued for three hours in the police station, but no senior police officer reached.

What happened in Bettiah, Bihar?

In Bihar’s Bettiah, the police took a person to the police station for playing DJ during patrol. The young man died in police custody. The family members allege that the police beat up the young man a lot, which led to his death. After this, there was a ruckus in Bettiah, the relatives called thousands of people and surrounded the Balthar police station. The angry mob torched the police station, set police vehicles on fire, and ran and beat up the policemen. This nuisance went on for a full three hours.

Who was Anirudh Yadav?

The relatives told that Balthar police had come on patrol on Saturday. Here Anirudh Yadav was playing DJ in Balthar village. Police seized the DJ and arrested Anirudh and brought him to the police station and beat him up in the police station. The police beat him with the butt. Anuruddha died after the beating. Angry people vandalized the entire police station by setting it on fire. At the same time, he ran and beat the police. There is not a single policeman in the station. So far no senior officer and police force have arrived from the district. The villagers are camping around the police station.

It is being told that the police had also fired in the air to disperse the crowd. It is being told that the team of police and administration had reached Aryanagar of Balthar police station, from where the team caught Rambalak Yadav’s son Anirudh for playing DJ. But after some time he died. The relatives alleged that the police hit Anirudh on the head with the butt of a gun, due to which he died in the police vehicle itself. After getting information about this death, people got angry and first damaged the police vehicle.

After this, Bettiah people along with the body of Anirudh Kumar blocked the main road and started creating a ruckus. The anger of the people flared up, and then there was such a big ruckus. However, the situation is still tense on the spot and the entire area is converted into a police cantonment.

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